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  • Lisa M. - After trying everything else, this actually WORKS!!

    This product is awesome- I have a top loader GE washing machine, that somehow ended up with a terrible mildew odor. I tried running a hot bleach wash ( no clothes ) and that didn't work. I then tried Tide washing machine cleaner twice and the odor still persisted. I was thinking I had no choice but to call for service as I figured something must be wrong with the machine. Then I can across this product and figured I would give it one more try. It states on the package that if odor is already present, to do 3 treatments consecutively. I did this in one day, and like magic the odor is gone!! After battling this for weeks I am thrilled something worked, and the smell has been gone for over a week now. I couldn't be happier with the product.

  • Luke - Stylish wallet case s7 edge

    Get your grown man on with this case. Carry 3 major cards, and a few bills along with your s7 edge. This case makes the phone feel that much more expensive. This is for when you're in Bruce Wayne mode. Great for that 1st impression. You could have 2 welfare cards and a rejection sticker in the wallet, but once you open it, all onlookers see is a sexy phone, and class. You might even get a few oohs and aaahs. I love it. Oh yeah, it also folds to a kickstand position to watch movies widescreen. For that, I just switch to a more rugged case. Every edge owner should have at least 2 cases until Otterbox makes the defender WITH built-in screen protector just like the great one they made for the galaxy s5.

  • Amazon Customer - Works under Windows 10

    I usually dont review something especially software until i have had it for a month. But since I am running Windows 10 I thought it prudent to offer my take on this products compatibility. Installation a breeze...i have always found downloads from amazon download center a little wonky but once i got to the actual product installation went in flawlessly. 24 hours in working fine and initial impression is it is not nearly as bloated as Norton which i have run for years. I will update it anything changes.

  • Shannon Little - Amazon '''. We love X Box 's.

    Ty for the game ok ty the game is. A. Lot. Of. Fun '''& ty UPS you all have a. A. Good. Nited

  • Fizz Assist - Made a big profit for me!

    After buying this decided to sell it on Ebay. Someone called kimjonun83 bought it for $500 and even paid all the postage to North Korea!

  • T. Dunn - packing

    I am very happy with this item. The only negative thing is the packaging, it was in just a envelope and could be easy broken it shipment, because the envelope had a "RIP" in it from What i guess is the shipment damage, But the disc itself was fine. I suggest maybe putting a thin piece of cardboard of thick paper inside to keep it from "bending" so easy. Other then that I am Very happy with the item.

  • Tartan Mockingbird - Just the thing for your wood floors

    This was recommended tome by the guy who refinished my floors several years ago and I have used it ever since. I also use it for cleaning the fronts of my kitchen cabinets and other small wood clean-up tasks.