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Stop Excessive Sweating & Stay Dry with SweatBlock Antiperspirant - Excessive Sweating can be embarrassing we know! So the question is how do you stop excessive sweating? With SweatBlock you can be dry up to 7 days!

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  • Margaret Moore - For some reason, I always get a headache when ...

    For some reason, I always get a headache when I take it. Not so with the non-optimized curcumin I have taken.

  • Donald S. - Good product, easy to install in 30 min

    Good product, easy to install in 30 min, the instruction that came with the roof-racks must have been updated because they easy to follow unlike the reviews. They held two Kayaks well and have been on my jeep for two weeks with no issues yet.

  • Cougar12 - Doesn't do anything

    It was a great mositurizer but did something to smooth out the appearance of cellulite. I am 5' 11" and 150 lbs. I have cellulite a bit in my thighs. All this did was make my skin super soft and moisturized. I have had better luck using Jergen's Firm Gradual Tanner and its half the price. I wouldn't recommend spending the money.

  • zebulon division - very forgiving sail

    There is probably about a zero percent chance a hobie kayak will tip over with this sail in any kind of wind you'd want to out in a boat in. If anything, it makes the kayak more stable as it cuts though rougher seas. I have sailed a bunch of small sailboats such as minifish, sunfish, hobie one, laser, etc. This sail is nowhere near as fast or responsive as a regular sailboat sail, but is much better suited to a wide variety of unpredictable wind conditions, especially those of large lakes and ocean, and is infinitely more stable. In a 10mph wind, you will be lucky if you break 2mph without pedaling. This is not a fast sail by any means, but one that adds much mental comfort in adverse conditions, as well as the always appreciated rest of arms and legs.

  • Jane M Munsell - Great assortment of all the games you would want to ...

    Got this for my sister who loves to play the slot machines and video poker, she uses it all the time. Great assortment of all the games you would want to play.