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  • Eric D. Arnold - Excellent temperature control, so-so lid

    I have used this cup twice now. I appreciate the shape, containing 20 oz (in the size I ordered) in a low-bulk shape. The wall construction and vacuum section must be thin compared to some older cups I have.

  • Mike - Will This Be It?!

    I was jonesing to play a wrestling game when I came to realize that my brother (also previously my roommate) took the XBox360 when he left, leaving me with my trusty ol' PS2 that's definitely a few years old. I was resigned to finding an older version of the game when I came across this and was like "A 2011 wrestling game for PS2? LOL it must be watered down but I'll play it anyway..."

  • eric henson - big buck#1

    this is the best game ever if you don't have it you need to get is seriously. it has the best grafics ever

  • MANU S. - Fun for kids and Grown Ups

    Cozmo is finally here. My son and I played hours of Anki OverDrive and this was a must purchase! My son is 7 and he loves to play with it for hours. I give him the iPad and Cozmo and he is off in another world with his new robot buddy. Then when he's done, I boost Cozmos brain by playing some of the tougher games and activities so when my son gets to him again, he's smarter and continues to amaze. We've also had Cozmo recognize everyone in the house and some of our friends. It's nice to turn him on and have him look at me and say, "Dada". Hahaha. So awesome.

  • Janice Kent - Not Happy

    This is the third Hoover floor mate cleaner I have purchased in the past two years. My first was floor mate with out attachements, when it stopped sucking up the water on the floor I purchased several replacement parts still did not work. Then I decided to try again this time with a floor mate with all the attachments. It lasted maybe 6 months with replacement parts. This last one is just the hard floor cleaner. It is about 6 months old and it is not sucking up the water again. I change the filters, buy new filters but this time I am not buying extra parts. With the money I spent on these machines I suspect I could have purchased a large commercial floor scrubber. Not happy. Would never buy another one. Unfortunately I can't afford a commercial one now, since I am 71 years old and live on a fixed income. Shame on Hoover