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  • Mom of 5 - Nothing Better

    I have used this product for several years, mostly for baking my bars. This is way better than parchment paper or baking spray. My bars are chewy and would stick to anything I baked it in; with the non-stick foil, it easily peels right off. Once I discovered this, I never ruined a batch again. I also use it for cookies, cake, cornbread, and for other cooking like honey barbecue wings, which always sticks to pans. Once my husband was convinced of how wonderful this was, he shared it with his co-workers at the fire house (who are always cooking!) and they also use it now. I have given it as gifts to friends because I believe in it so much. It's a small investment, but will never ruin your creations, so I think is worth every penny.

  • C. B. Long - Nice mini weather station

    For my needs, this Kestrel is perfect. Well, almost. The backlighting could be a little brighter, but it's still sufficient. Other than that, it's done everything it's supposed to, seems well made, battery life so far has been good, and the instructions are comprehensive. We'll see how it holds up long term, but so far I have no complaints.

  • Rich - Just Awesome

    There just awesome, they have feel around the green an distance when needed an also there very durable. A little pricey but worth i,if your serious about your play.....

  • Jackie B - Worth the money- excellent reading.

    Read this on kindle unlimited, excellent reading, actually read the second book ("Taulan") as well since I enjoyed the first. Interesting take on dragon shifter aliens, especially enjoyed it since I'm liking books on dragon shifters & aliens Right now. ;) I was just a bit lost with some references to Melissa's situation with the Ujals, but not enough to put the book down. Fast paced, like-able characters, having you read non-stop. I would definitely re-read this, I enjoyed it that much. The plot is well thought out, with a happy ending, not a cliff hanger, just the need to read about the other characters.

  • Eileen C. Cizewski - sole e35

    Nice machine. Very heavy to remove out of the shipping carton. Tools that the manufacturer supplied were not adequate. Machine assembled in about one hour. Hard to move--very heavy! Machine does appear to operate very nicely. We tried this machine in a Dick's sporting goods store, but no financing available. Amazon offered six months free financing with amazon card. We have this machine in a finished basement with a ceiling height of six and a half feet. This is the minumum height you will need w/o hitting your head on the ceiling! Electronic display seems a bit cheap, but functional. The main focus of my purchase was the stability of the machine while operating. Cheaper models will shake and seem like they are falling apart while using. This machine is very solid and comes with a respectable warranty.

  • V. Smith - Just a Little Too Light-hearted

    As much as I enjoy Craig Johnson's "Longmire" books (and I've read them all), this one is just a little bit too much tongue-in-cheek. The plot was good, even though it was obvious from the get-go who the villain was, but in "An Obvious Fact" Johnson's tongue has just about bored a hole through his cheek. I'd hate to see him follow the path of James Doss who wrote the Charlie Moon mysteries. Doss's first books were good reads but somewhere along the way he got off track with the humor of it all, and the series went downhill. His last books were not his best work. Johnson is a good writer but considering the discoveries, etc. in this story, his approach is just a little too light-hearted. His characters deserve more from their author.

  • Kate - Can't handle 200 lbs!

    I had this product (2008 model) for 1.5 years and it broke 2 times. I use it 5 days a week, and I weigh less than 120 lbs. My husband weighs about 200 lbs and it seems like every time he starts using it, the machine will break within a few weeks. The part that broke about six months ago was the left connecting arm. I called Sole and they sent out technician to replace the part for free.