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  • Emily Alsup - Wonderful for shingles and psoriasis

    This is an amazing product. I had a recent doubt of shingles which is painful and extremely itchy. The prescribed medication did little to help heal the lesions or manage the itching. Emuaid helped tremendously with the pain as well as itching. It also helped to clear up the lesions. I have also begun to use it on my chronic psoriasis which is often itchy and inflamed. Of the dozens of products I have tried this is the only one that has helped to clear my psoriasis plaque and soothe the inflammation. Overall, a fantastic product for acute and chronic skin conditions.

  • STL Ken - Awesome protection for your computer

    I have been using Norton 360 for 3 years now, it's just as good as it gets. I used to hate norton in the past because it was just so invasive, would slow the computer down & take up a ton of space, not any more.

  • Leia - Beautiful blue but Oneida silverware leaves gray marks

    Like others have said, silverware (Oneida) leaves gray marks on the creamy-white surfaces of the plates, bowls, and mugs. My spouse and I received the Noritake Colorwave Blue model 8484 dishware and mugs 11 years ago as a wedding gift and now the eating surfaces are covered with numerous, spiderweb-like gray marks that don't wash off. I still love the blue color and simplicity of the set, but the dishware definitely has a used look, since the many contacts between silverware and dishes over several years leave numerous marks, as you can imagine! If you wish to have pristine-looking dishware that actually appears to have unblemished white surfaces, then this set is probably not for you.

  • Brandon M - Perfect Replacement

    Not much to say about these other than they were perfect replacements to our nasty chrome ones that were rusted. After several months , no issues and nice and clean and easy to clean. Great replacement .

  • Sara - This is a beautiful car seat

    This is a beautiful car seat! It came assembled and was easy to install. The only problem....my daughter hated it. The padding is minimal and my daughter would cry every time I put her in it. She always loved riding in the car before this carseat. I am thankful to be able to return it because it's just not working for her. I love the rebound bar and the look of it is so sleek. However, listening to my daughter cry and watching her squirm every time she had to ride in in broke my heart. Too bad. I had high hopes for this carseat.