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  • Erika L - I LOVE this machine

    I LOVE this machine. If I had done a bit more research, I likely would have chosen one of the bundles that includes vinyl and other things this one does not come with. However, it came with an extra blade, extra mat, tools & sketch pens which are definite must haves. I bought this machine not knowing ANYTHING, and it is SO simple to use and setup. The design software is simple but has SO many abilities. In just a few weeks I have gone from a complete newbie to using my Cameo for EVERYTHING.

  • Cheryl P. - works the first time

    This product is a little pricey butt it works the first time you take it and you can take 1 or 2 capsules depending on how it works with you. I noticed better focus ,easier to make decisionsEnd makes it easier for me to remember things And my memory is not so good as it is

  • Wendy Werth - Great for tummy time with your little one

    I filled up this play mat and my grandbaby just loves it. She keeps on hitting all the extra things that float around on the pad and it has had a very enjoyable time with it. All you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and it is good as new. I do this because my granddaughter likes to drool a lot. I recommend this product to anyone who has a little baby and needs tummy time on a Matt.

  • lucas - Skip it.

    This season is a real let down, not nearly as good as the previous seasons. The quality of the show really went downhill, the stories just aren't told well. Bummer.

  • Merebear - PERFECT!

    I took this bag on a 2 week trek to England. The shoulder straps were amazing for when I needed my hands free. It wasn't bulky, but suprisingly roomy. It held up great through it all, and still looks brand new. Great purchase!

  • Pecan Corner - Webroot Secure Anywhere False Positives Are A Growing Issue

    I've had Webroot Secure Anywhere for about 3 months on my new Dell with Windows 8. The False Positives have become more and more frequent over the past few weeks. Today they reached a point of ridiculousness. It's gone from blocking me from my own personal Blogger blog, to blocking the entire hub, and now this morning Webroot decided to block!