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  • Jazzman - Pleasantly surprised and completely satisfied.

    This is simply a great softbox, I have the 36 and 48 inch. It is a little challenging to assemble but with a little patience it can be done quickly. I installed the rods with the softbox facing down 1 by 1 until the softbox was fully expanded. Inserting the final rod was a small challenge. The light that this softbox produces is amazingly soft. The softbox is very lightweight to my surprise as I initially placed it on a cheap light stand without it tipping over, however I recommend a much more stable light stand such as a C-stand with sand bags, which I elected to place it on as the cheaper lighter stands will tip over should anyone bump this box.

  • Ellen Hoffman - Another Great Mafia Romance from B. B. HAMEL

    MS. Hamel has written another good book of mafia romance. I have enjoyed every book of hers I've read. It was my pleasure to voluntarily review another ARC from Ms Hamel. Our "bad boy" Dante turns out to be a good and fair guy. When he meets Jodie , his mob gang have killed all male relatives and her mother was shot in front of her eyes by the mafia boss. They take Jodie captivate and the boss gives her to Dante, who is supposed to ""break" her into a obedient sex slave. I like this plot and the characters, it would make a great movie for both guys and gals. My favorite scene is their HEA. Do yourself a good deed and read this story from Ms Hamel for an escape and a sexy book boyfriend!! ENJOY ! ! !

  • Maggie - Good Product

    This is not a weight loss belt. It doesn't make you burn fat but it does exercise your abs. That is all that the belt claims to do and that's what it does. It's not a miracle cure for a beer gut but it is a helpful piece of equipment for those people looking to firm their abs.

  • M. Whipps - Great Information!

    Easy to read, lots of advice, full of information! I used this to revise the book I just wrote, especially since it's my first. I'm also going to use it to help find an agent.

  • Mitch - Left it one for 4x the recommended time without results

    Does not work, didn't seem to get cold enough. Left it one for 4x the recommended time without results. Went in to the dermatologist and got proper liquid nitro applied and wart went away in a week. Just go in to the doctor, pay the $50, be done with it.

  • Amazon Customer - My husband's favorite winter cover-up (we live in Southern California)

    My husband's favorite winter cover-up (we live in Southern California). This is his second one. The only problem is that the lining wears out and looks tattered and shabby - but that was after many years so I can't complain.