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  • JayeJ. - Controls cravings

    I mainly use this to control what seems to be an unquenchable appetite. Admittedly my relationship with food is not the most healthy~ I'm the definition of an emotional eater (stress, boredom, happiness, any excuse). However, I am not overweight by any means and I had a fairly active lifestyle. I eat healthy but in large portions and would get hungry again right afterwards. Now that I sit at a desk for 12 hrs/day, but my appetite remained the same, I started noticing myself putting on a few extra lbs. When I used it as directed (at full strength of 3 before each meal), it really helped me to feel full more quickly and during the time between meals, I was less inclined to have cravings. Before I realized it, I was naturally eating smaller portions. Also, I HAD ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. In the category of diet pills, that is a HUGE plus! When I took hydroxycut I would feel nauseous and thought my heart would pound out of my chest. So, how much weight did I lose from Garcinia Cambogia? 5 lbs this past month! I'm pretty happy with that. Slow and steady and permanent (as opposed to water weight). I believe I could have lost more but I was very inconsistent with the pills in the beginning and because I have a very erratic eating schedule, but no matter due to Nature Wise's complementary bottle!

  • Dr. Paul S. Kirk - What more is needed!

    Great add on! The requirement of how much you must write in a system's praise is close to the rest for writing a high school essay. Please consider the limitations on time!

  • pgross - Incomplete

    Ordered the book and it arrived quickly; however, the "bookonCD" disc that comes with the book was not included. When the seller was contacted I was told they thought they had the disc and that they would get back to me. They never did and I had to go elsewhere for the disc and pay another $5. I won't order from this seller again.

  • Richard S. Brookes - Shocking

    Worked right out of the box without having to adjust the tread, etc... Running on this will sometimes cause a static buildup and when you touch one of the handle bars it will shock the crap out of you, which will at least keep your heart rate up.