Medical Travel Insurance for People with Medical Conditions in UK - Medical Travel Compared lets you browse Medical Travel Insurance for pre-existing conditions. Click HERE to find the ideal coverage with very little hassle.

  • Contact Us - Medical Travel Compared - Contact Us online or by telephone for any queries regarding your quotation or after sale support.
  • Travel Insurance Guide to Medical Conditions Cover - A selection of travel insurance guides relating to specific medical conditions including Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy, HIV and Heart Conditions
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance – Medical Travel Compared - Compare senior citizen travel insurance with Medical Travel Compared to find affordable senior travel insurance including cover for medical conditions
  • Travel Insurance Policy Types Explained - Medical Travel Compared - Planning a holiday? Compare the different types of travel insurance policies available to protect you in case things don’t go to plan! Compare Now >>
  • Travel Insurance Destinations Guide – Medical Travel Compared - Travel Insurance Destination Guide for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Find out how certain destinations affect travel insurance premiums
  • Travel Insurance with Medical Screening – - Obtaining travel insurance with medical screening has never been easier! Use our online medical screening facility to cover your medical conditions now
  • A Guide to BuyingTravel Insurance Online | - A guide to buying travel insurance online for people with medical conditions – how to find the best deals and what to consider when choosing a policy.
  • Travel Insurance Tips Compare Travel Insurance - MedicalTravelCompared - Travel Insurance Tips provides everything you need to know about travel insurance and travelling with a pre-existing medical condition. Compare Quotes
  • Travel Insurance - Holiday Cancellation Cover | MedicalTravelCompared - Cancellation Cover is an important part of any travel insurance policy. We explain the benefits & how to choose the right level of cancellation cover
  • Travel Insurance Exclusions To Look Out For | Medical Travel Compared - A guide to travel insurance exclusions detailing the key areas to look out for when buying cover, and how to avoid getting caught out when making a claim!
  • The Three Important Numbers To Remember - Medical Travel Compared - The Three Important Numbers To Remember when planning to travel abroad, British consular & medical assistance number of your travel insurance provider
  • Expert Travel Insurance Tips Do's and Dont's | Medical Travel Compared - Holiday preparations can be hectic, but you should never forget travel insurance. Here’s a do and don't list every traveller can use.
  • Using the European Health Card - Medical Travel Compared - Using the European Health Card, what is and isn't covered? Compare medical travel insurance to ensure you are fully protected when you travel
  • Travel Insurance Money Saving Tips | Medical Travel Compared - Tips for finding the best deals and saving money on your travel insurance when you live with pre-existing medical conditions. Find cheap cover now!
  • Purchasing Winter Sports Cover – Medical Travel Compared - Purchasing Winter Sports Cover, ski insurance for cover with pre-existing medical conditions, why you should have it if planning a winter sports trip
  • When To Buy Travel Insurance – A Guide From Medical Travel Compared - We explain when you should buy travel insurance and how leaving it too late can leave you out of pocket if you are forced to cancel your holiday…
  • Travel Insurance - It Pays To Add Travelling Companions To Your Policy - Being insured on the same specialist travel insurance policy as your travelling companions when you have existing medical conditions has many advantages…
  • Medical Travel Compared Customer Reviews and Testimonials - Read reviews from genuine customers and users of – The travel insurance comparison website for medical conditions and over 65s

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