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  • Driver-X - Very bright! Lighting pattern does not match box though.

    There is a slight gap the upper corners. The center LEDs are the running lights. The outer LEDs are the brake/turn. Works as required, but not as described. I did experience some condensation in the tail lamp after a car wash and it dried quickly, but that tells me there is a leak somewhere. Overall I am satisfied. Time will tell if the condensation is an issue.

  • Justine Escobedo - Amazing!

    I use this for almost everything lol It takes some time to dry but it works great! I've used on shoes, on wood furniture too. Now anytime I feel the need for glue, I only use this stuff!

  • MK Grey - Chocolate Shake gave me HEAVY PERIODS!

    I had been doing one chocolate shake a day since Oct 2013. Shortly after I started my period got REALLY HEAVY. I finally went to see my DR in April and she said she wanted to do some tests on me to see if it was cancer. I then decided to go back to my Vietnamese doctor who read my pulse and said "you no have cancer, it's the food you eat" I didn't think it was the shakes. I FINALLY had an epiphany last month and realized that this all started after I was on Isagenix for about a month or two. I stopped the shakes for about a month and my period has now gone back to normal. I'm not sure what's in it that had such an impact on my period but I will not take it again. I definitely had good results from it but this outweighs any benefit it could ever give me. I'll just stick to my Vietnamese Doctors advice and eat good foods like cooked vegetables and avoid dairy and sugar and caffeine. :)

  • Rani Davis - Excellent

    Green and Mel are two of my favorite characters in that they are so Much more than they appear. I am always happy to read these books because they have a wonderful story line I hope to continue them for a long long time.

  • Home Hunter 808 - Does not play nice with Acrobat 9

    Installing Office 2010 required purchase of Acrobat X Pro in order to get the integration I was used to with Office 2007 and Acrobat 9 Pro. Neither Acrobat nor Microsoft had an update or an easy work-around.


    This was a horrible product. I bought this as a recommendation from the sales associate at Erewhon in Los Angeles who said it really works. I have regular bowel movements usually twice a day & this product actually reduced them & there wasn't much elimination. I called the 800 number & spoke with Patti on the last day of the cleanse to see if they offered some type of money back guarantee & she said no. I told her it didn't work "AT ALL" & I followed all of the instructions & all she could say is everyone is different so the results vary. I've done plenty of detox's & cleanses before that worked so I'm not new to this. Either the positive reviews are bogus or people who had results must have never ever done a detox or cleanse before so therefore have a lot to eliminate. Regardless, it was a waste of my $30.

  • Amazon Customer - Tannin'

    Not sure this is really doing anything. I've been trying it out at the tanning bed and was hoping for a drastic change but still have not noticed anything yet.