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  • L. M. Herron - Don't rinse the top of the shaver where the 3 drive shafts are located!

    I'm disappointed that this shaver is not equipped to have water on the "body". One is supposed to rinse the head, still attached to the body, without getting any water on the "body". The pictures of the product seem to indicate that it's OK to pop open the head and rinse everything on the top end. This is not the case. After using the shaver for 4 weeks and rinsing the head and the top of the body, water began to trickle out of the charging port. I called PN to find out that it's NOT ok to get any water on the top of the body. However, they are sending a replacement body for free.

  • tbro4033 - Amazing Product, Short Lifespan

    I had seen demonstrations of this stuff at least a year ago, but it was not commercially available. So when I found out it was on the market, I immediately snatched some up. It certainly lives up to the hype. Instructions (briefly) are as follows:

  • VeryOpinionated - Shaving my face

    Great product, I got this after watching a YouTube video about a girl shaving her face and these work amazing and I don't have to worry about my hair growing back darker or thicker! I don't feel any pain at all afterwards and it's a great exfoliatior, plus my makeup goes on smoother afterwards! Just make sure you moisturize after using

  • Jim Spofford - What a piece of junk

    I finally upgraded after 7 years and am sorely disappointed in the new interface. I primarily use the keyboard to enter transactions into Quicken and Intuit has released a piece of software that I CANNOT believe passed basic user-interface testing. When switching between Quicken and another application and then back, Quicken shifts the focus to god only knows where, but it certainly is not in the field I was in before switching applications. This makes entering a transaction from an email, for example, excruciatingly difficult. All the extra money they must rake in by releasing a "new" version each year and they can't handle something a basic as common user interface rules . . . sad, sad, sad.

  • francis lam - why I used Harris Bedbug Killer,

    The first week, it's killed all the small bedbugs, the second weeks starting to kill the large bugs, one month later, it seen to be disapperare

  • Mary A. Couch - The Very Best Quality

    This is my second HP. The first one lasted 6 years. My third laptop will also be a HP. They are very strong laptop.

  • Hannah - MUST HAVE for luggage, shipping and storage.

    AMAZING PURCHASE. I had over 100 pounds of clothing to ship across the country and to pack in checked baggage, and these bags were a total life saver!. More than enough bags to fit everything I had, plus a hand pump in case you don't have a vacuum (which also works amazing). No issues with the seals or zip locks, I've reccomended these to so many people!!