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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Christopher Jacobs - Great Bat

    My 15 year old hits the cover off the ball with this bat. I did feel like the price point was too high though. The item was as advertized and shipping was right on. Great seller...

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent study guide

    Excellent study guide. I passed the exam on the first try with the minimum number of questions using only this to study from

  • Dani - IdealShape

    I love this product! I definitely noticed a difference in my appetite and cravings. I am beginning to love all of the IdealShape products including the vanilla shake i ordered. They also have excellent customer service which is rare these days.

  • Dokeo - Great product!

    I realize I bought this when the 2014 was going to be available soon. I just wanted to get my will done. Glad I bought this.

  • Cabin man - Great product if you are at the office and want ...

    Great product if you are at the office and want to make your own boutique coffee (Starbucks or some other high end brand) you can use this filter and the hot water from the office coffee maker. Very easy to clean and store in your desk drawer. Even at home if you are the only one who drinks coffee and do not want to make a full pot and waste it.

  • Matthew P. Cochrane - Not Michael Moore hackery, this movie deserves serious consideration

    For those unfamiliar with the premise, 2016: Obama's America follows bestselling author Dinesh D'Souza's carefully chosen steps as he travels the world in an attempt to better understand Barack Obama. The journey takes him from the Hawaiian Islands to Indonesia; from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya to the seat of the world's largest superpower in Washington, D.C. Along the way he interviews relatives, scholars, and other sources of information on Obama's life.

  • miss_billie_jean - Great set

    These are really great! They are a nice metal and the wires that go into the handle are capped with a metal plate so no food gets inside the handle. The smallest one and the medium one seem really sturdy. The larger one just seems a little more bendy but thats because its wires are so long. They seem like sturdy enough to last years to come. As long as they don't rust in time, I'm really satisfied!