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  • A. Cohen - Shocking, in a bad way

    This vacuum seemed great, at first...until I toggled it to the second power setting which enabled the brush. Every fifteen seconds or so I received a substantial electric shock from the handle, of progressively greater intensity. I can't know if it was some sort of electrical problem in the vacuum or just something about the construction of it that transmitted huge amounts of static electricity. I've never had a vacuum shock me like this. Other models of Shark vacuum have been recalled for electrical faults...I'm thinking that they may need to expand that recall. I was using the NV353 model (identical to the NV352, other than some small accessories). I've returned it.

  • Linda Lavish - I "think" it works

    I think this works, but it is too expensive to keep using. I've purchased 2 bottles. The tastes is rather sweet. I wouldn't put it in my hair or face thought, like some people say they've done - I think the bottle says you can use it on hair and face too. It's been a while since I've used it and don't have the bottles anymore. I'm commenting now only because I'm taking the time to write reviews on the many products I've purchased through Amazon to let others know my results since my reviews are not fake like so many others that I believe are - not necessarily for this product, but for many products on Amazon. I wish there were a way to know if the reviews are real or not.

  • Star - Lovely version

    Beautiful artwork. The language is a little difficult for my 8 year old grandson to understand, but I explain it to him as I read it. He's always interested in the morals.