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Welcome to Mind Your Body TV - Mind Your Body TV - Stephanie Stephens is Mind Your Body TV’s writer, executive producer and host. She’s a spokesperson for the active and vital mature female demographic, who delivers timely health and lifestyle content comprised of videos, audio podcasts and blogs for midlife, boomer and 50+ women.

  • http://mindyourbody.tv/about/ Mind Your Body TV - For the active and vital mature woman, Mind Your Body TV with Stephanie Stephens is a perfect fit. Life happens now. Imagine the possibilities.
  • http://mindyourbody.tv/9-keys-to-staying-sharp-with-a-youthful-brain/ 9 Keys to Staying Sharp with a Youthful Brain - The authors of a new book, "Staying Sharp," say we can maintain a strong memory and a healthy brain. Read Stephanie Stephens' blog for a youthful brain.
  • http://mindyourbody.tv/walking-for-health/ Walking: This healthful activity’s got ‘sole’ - Mind Your Body TV - You can walk anywhere at any time, and it's so healthy for you. With walking, you'll lose weight, lower blood pressure and clear your mind.
  • http://mindyourbody.tv/dale-bozzio-missing-person-found-rockin-forum/ Dale Bozzio: 'Missing Person' found rockin’ The Forum - Mind Your Body TV - Dale Bozzio of the group Missing Persons rocked The Forum at the iHeart 80s Party. She's just charming, and you'll love what she tells Stephanie Stephens..
  • http://mindyourbody.tv/the-cast-of-crowded/ Stacy Keach & Carlease Burke on 'Crowded': We all need each other to survive - Mind Your Body TV - Stacy Keach and Carlease Burke on 'Crowded' as they explain we all need each other to survive. Watch this fun interview with Stephanie Stephens now.
  • http://mindyourbody.tv/d-l-hughley-jamie-kennedy-smooth-operators-on-nbcs-new-heartbeat/ D.L. Hughley and Jamie Kennedy on 'Heartbeat' - D.L. Hughley and Jamie Kennedy are smooth operators on NBC's new "Heartbeat." See what they share about the show with Stephanie Stephens here.

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  • Amazon Customer - Blu-Ray didn't work...

    The blu-ray wouldn't load past the first cutscene before the main menu for me. DVD worked. I tried playing both on the same Xbox One console.

  • Ms CB - Worst Game Ever

    Purchased the 2011 Reel Deal Card Games because the 2007 wouldn't play on my new Windows 7. Well this one wouldn't even open. It did not respond to mouse or keyboard. I can't play it and can't send it back. Worst dvd game I ever purchased. Don't waste your money. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Bad News!!

  • Tamara - great product!

    I got this product free to review and my opinion is that it is awesome! It really does help me. Hope it helps you too!

  • Rosemarie Barker - Bamboozled?

    I think I have been bamboozled: For the past 8 years I have used Kaspersky Internet Security and never had a problem with the installation. I purchased the CDs from Staples or Best buy or down-loaded directly from the Kaspersky site. This CD from AMAZON arrived in a box that was taped closed (?) and now it will not activate. Not a happy camper!

  • Chalita Belfield - I Found this useful dealing with my kids

    My job keeps me stressed out and busier than any human should be allowed to, but I found a workable solution with Estrolibrium in my life. In just a couple of weeks, my calm demeanor returned to levels I haven’t experienced in years and years! Maybe it’s a byproduct of increased estrogen levels and/or the herbal supplements in the formula but my energy levels have been so high that I have energy at the end of the day to spend some much needed time with my kids and husband. Very pleased overall and will continue to use this daily.

  • Lily's Mama - and it has been a huge source of fun for all of us

    I bought these for the family for one of our kids' birthdays, and it has been a huge source of fun for all of us. We have three little girls (5 years, 2.5 years, 13 months) and the oldest can cock it, but we have to do it for the 2.5 y/o, and obviously the baby just plays with the darts. :) We like to draw a bullseye on our windows with dry erase markers and shoot at it, or gang up on Daddy when he's coming home from work.

  • phyllis - Biggest waste of money EVER

    Every time I look at my knives (which have rusted and broken, repeatedly), it makes me angry. Wish I'd never spent the money on these stupid knives. I was told that they'd last a lifetime and something my children could use - ha! I'll throw them out long before that day ever comes. DO NOT BUY CUTCO KNIVES!