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    City: 4.9167 North Holland, Netherlands

  • Heather - Very nice little book

    The book has a lot of really good information for a beginner or in my case someone that needs a refresher. My husband & I were both surprised that it was not only a spell book but had some great information about them in this book. We plan on using this book to give our little witchlings some beginner lessons when it's time.

  • chuckles - You have to want it to work

    Like most diet books, I think it's kind of like a placebo thing in that you have to want it to work either because of hitting rock bottom or just wanting change bad enough for some reason or another.

  • Belle Starr - Nice Product but Very Expensive

    Been using it for over a month and still look like I am the age I am. It feels good and cool when applying and maybe it will take a few years off my face. Or not. Pretty expensive so I probably will not buy it again.

  • Shina Dave - Can you say OUCH!

    I got this game last week and the first day I got it I did the basic workout which was the total upper body work out (I think) and boy did it hurt the next day! I workout 4-5 days a week and this really got my muscles working. I set up the resolution and started my official workout on Saturday and today is Monday and I am aching all over. I heard the 2009 workout game was really crappy so I was skeptical on buying this one, I have no patience so I went and got it anyway. I am glad I did I have never seen a workout game like this. I love the Island run warm up and I hate the bicycle workout it really hurts the next day! For all of you who have the 2009 game upgrade now you won't regret it I promise.

  • Becky W. - Already waiting for the next

    I shamelessly love this series, so take that into consideration. Some of the things that annoyed me in earlier books were downplayed in An Obvious Fact, which I like, such as the romance between Walt and Vic. I find this to be one of those rare cases where the Netflix series is better than the books.

  • Francis P. Reed - Good tablet, good learning device.

    My daughters love these. We have had them for over a year now, and they still play the games, and use them all the time. They love the video camera feature, and use it all the time. The units are good with battery power, and the AC adaptor helps. I have heard that the newer units allow regargable batteries to charge without having to remove them from the unit. That's the one thing that I missed out on these.

  • dennis - quickbooks Booo

    intuit are crooks you have to upgrade for E mailing every few years when my old quickbooks worked fine for what I need . you want a hundred dollars I will give it to and let me keep my 2010 with e mail . but no,they want 200.00 and change everything so I have to waste time trying to figure out how the new and improved 2014 works