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  • Amazon Customer - Research them all b4 u buy!!!

    I have not tried this, however there is a lawsuit filed against the makers of glucosamine chondroitin. The suit is basically about the makers claiming it reduces inflammation and pain but it really doesn't. I have chronic pain and inflammation and am hesitant on buying everything that says it cures this or reduces that. You must research everything before you buy it! I cannot stress that enough! Just like omega xl product. Says same thing. However I see better reviews about that product and I dont see any reports about side effects like heart palpitations, speedy heart rate, anxiety, etc. I too, have experienced that with other so called supplements or popular products like lipozine for example. I thought I was going to have a heart attack after taking that for less than a week! Please people, do the research and read posts by regular people, not ones from celebs because they, unlike the rest of us, get paid for endorsements. Someone mentioned taking alfalfa instead. I may try omega xl or alfalfa. Tumeric works too BTW. But I haven't found anything yet, that completely makes my pain go away permanently and hope one day to find one instead of pain medication management... Good luck!

  • YourDarkQueen - Dupe or ?

    I haven't seen a single helpful testimonial about this product since I've researched it. Not here. Not Instagram. Not the official website, Google or even YouTube. You would think since its seemed to have launched in early 2015, there'd be a few TRUTHFUL, HELPFUL reviews, but there aren't & I won't buy until I see a few - **ALSO** it's reported you won't see any results until about 2 months (2 jars) - all you April buyers - BE PATIENT - THEN review.

  • Barry McDaniel - Not a bad printer but it wasn't what I expected from Epson

    This is the first time I have ever given an Espson product less than 5 stars. I have been an Epson customer since if you wanted a printer you got a dot maxtric and if you wanted to print in color you were out of luck. The ET-4550 does not print borderless. I asked Epson about it and was given what I thought was a lame excuse. It was something about ink over spray. I own the Epson WF-7520 and it prints borderless without a problem. Looking at them I and positive The ET series printers are built on the WF design. I was also disappointed in the paper trays. They are made from very flimsy plastic. I realize my WF-7520 is a much larger printer but I expected better quality from a quality company. I bough this printer because I print many prints in a months time. I was spendiing $100 to $150 a month on ink. If you don't do high volume printing I would think twice about spending the $500 plus on this printer.

  • stktrader - Complaints not valid

    I bought Enhanced 2014 here last week for 174.00. I called today to set it up. I have used enhanced for several years since its inception. 3 employees version. Now I have 4 employees so the new system is less expensive than upgrading to unlimited older version. When you call in to set it up,assuming that you have a previous version of enhanced 2013, the attendant will delete the 2013 version and setup the 2014. You have to give a credit card to pay for employee checks beyond the 1st employee as the 1st is free. $2/employee per month plus sales tax. That is why they need your credit card to process that charge. Have the attendant remove you from the annual renewal purchase plan since you most likely buy it here or elsewhere. The overall plan for this year will cost me 266.00 for 4 employees. That is the cost of the program and the cost of 4 employees including all taxes. That is 5.12 per week or 1.28 per week for each employee check. That is very cheap considering all the monthly, quarterly and annual forms are filled out for you with a click of the mouse plus the payroll checks! Now i could save and do it like I used to; manually by hand. lol

  • RH Rollins - Precious knowledge

    What a book! For those interested in what we can expect of 2012 and beyond - and how to prepare ourselves internally, this is a remarkable book. Thank God and prophecy that the Toltecs let this information out now!