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  • Связаться с нами по поводу строительства и подрядных работ | Монолит - Строительная компания «Монолит» – одна из ведущих застройщиков крымского региона
  • Монтажные работы по строительству на ул.Куйбышева | Монолит - Монолит объявляет конкурс на выполнение монтажных работ по строительству многоэтажного жилого дома по ул. Куйбышева, 7.
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    City: 30.5233 , Ukraine

  • Bizzy - Good protection but....

    I have had a lot of issues with this version hogging system resources, I'm not a newbie to computers, but it would continue to do certain sections of the protection even when that section was turned off. It blocked images on white listed websites, and some programs would not even launch when Kaspersky was active. Overall I was very disappointed with Kaspersky this time out, and I've been a die hard customer for years and years. I will be doing some serious thinking before I buy it again.

  • jm1212 - Love it

    No issues whatsoever. Downloaded ok and filed federal returns without issue. I did not purchase the state part that some others have had issues with.

  • J. C. - Works better than great

    Overall, this product stacks up to its promise. I have used it multiple times and each time, the glass do look "invisible" afterwards. Very easy to use.

  • Bornoo1 - A nice set of Bluetooth ear buds that fit comfortably in ...

    I received this item either free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest unbiased review. A nice set of Bluetooth ear buds that fit comfortably in my ear and the ear cradle is made of silicone so it is not to hard on the back of my ears. The sound quality is fair, it does not of course measure up to Beats but not bad for a lower end pair of ear buds. They charge relatively quickly and run for an adequate amount of time between charges. The ear buds synced easily with my IPhone 6Plus. They come in their own zippered carrying case which is very nice, a charging cable minus the charging base, and extra ear pieces of varying sizes. Not a bad set up.

  • charlie gillespie - Very Accurate Thermometer

    I ordered the Innovo dual mode thermometer for our new baby. Previously we just had the oral thermometer that goes under the tongue. I ordered it and it arrived just in time since our baby came down with a cold so I was able to put it to the test right away. I was drawn to the fact that you can use it on both the forehead and in the ear since you never know what sort of mood the baby will be in when you are trying to get her temperature. I mainly used the forehead mode which worked especially well when she was sleeping and I didn't want to wake her up or when she was fussy and I didn't want to try sticking it in her ear in case she accidentally yanked her head. When she was calmer I did try using the ear mode just to see the difference between the readings and it looked like they were about 0.05 degrees different which was slightly off but was still accurate enough for me and I figure is just the difference of temperature between the locations.

  • Chloe Kruger - Wars

    I really liked this book because it has a unique style to it, it has many different things going on @ once so I really consider this book for girls just going into middle school.