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  • Cal 20 Sailor - My new favorite portable coffee/tea infuser, perfect for hiking/backpacking...

    This is my new favorite coffee and tea infuser, being much more portable than others that I've used. Unlike my previous favorite infusers--the MSR MugMate and the larger, identical Finum Brewing Basket (both excellent brewers, BTW)--the Primula Brew Buddy folds completely flat and is less subject to being deformed or damaged by being crushed, although the mesh "bag" needs to be protected from being torn by sharp objects. The mesh is also finer than that on the MSR and Finum, so there is less sediment in the final brew, although there is a small amount of fine "mud" at the bottom of the mug by the time I get to that last bit... I don't mind this very much as I am not the coffee connoisseur that some are--my main attraction to portable brewers/infusers is for the convenience of brewing my own flavorful coffee and tea, both in civilization and while in the back country, and for this the Primula Brew Buddy is excellent, IMO. For you hikers/backpackers out there, the mesh bag part of this infuser will fit perfectly into the mouth of a Nalgene widemouth bottle for straining debris from water to be filtered and/or coffee grounds from a pot of "cowboy coffee," in addition to being perfect for infusing coffee/tea in the majority of cups and mugs, and ultralight pots and kettles; it will store very snugly inside an MSR Titan Kettle, but NOT the GSI Halulite kettle without some trimming/alteration on a belt sander... Reference measurements I wanted before buying, but couldn't find, include: Disk width: 4 1/2"; mesh width at disk: 2 1/8"; mesh depth, below disk: 3"; weight: 1.1 oz./32 grams.

  • L. Nicholas - ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    this thing is AWESOME. it wokrs just like the ones at a chiropractors office. (for a whole lot less). the "long life pads" are refreshed easily with a water rinse. the shuts off automatically after a certain time (15 minutes I believe). It has greatly helped me with shoulder, lower back, and sciatica pain. I use it for a couple of nights in a row and then am good for a while. It travels well too.

  • josh mccalla - Recommended if you need a simple, effective alarm clock!

    Happy with this alarm clock! It's a simple large-display alarm clock, which also displays the date and temperature. The alarm itself is a gentle 'beep-beep beep-beep' sound, instead of a blaring rude awakening, and I really appreciate that! As for the display, it glows a subtle color when the room is dark, for easy viewing, although you can turn this sensor off if you wish. The clock is completely battery-powered, so no need to worry about reaching a mains. Will try to update the review in a few months!