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  • Ernest Polk - This one sounds like he phoned it in

    This one sounds like he phoned it in, no depth to his singing, sounds more likes he's just reading the words. I like Michael Buble, but this albums is not his best effort. Nothing that you want to hear more than once, and listening once is like a chore. Need to make better albums than this.

  • Martyn - Good Change.

    This product, for me, has replaced another security suite I had, which was taking up alot of system resources and basically causing problems. Webroot has certainly changed all that. So far, I have found no negatives. The speed is amazing. The program is clear and easy to use. There is a browser web console as well. I will be upgrading as soon as I can. I wish I had found out how good this software is before. Installation is a breeze, as the program automatically configures to the system and this takes very little time.

  • Caroline R. - Great product for athletes or people on-the-go...

    As a runner, I have been evaluating many different nutritional supplements and have not until now found one that had a great balance of nutrition with great flavor. Lean1 has a roughly 30-40-30 fat to protein to carbohydrate ratio along with fiber to help satisfy hunger. It has a proprietary whey protein blend base like many other nutritional supplements but also includes a great blend of fruits and vegetables for added nutrition which I have not seen in other products. I have also found that Lean1 tastes a lot better than other popular protein shakes. My personal favorite is the chocolate flavor but I have tried all available flavors and they are also very good.

  • Doris - A Hot, Dirty Book

    A dark and dirty read that won’t leave you disappointed. Lola Grace just turned 18 when she met Max in a bar one night. Max knew she was young but Lola Grace was determined to have him in all ways possible. Can you imagine the surprise on both of their faces when the next day comes and Lola Grace is to meet her mother’s next husband and Max is that man?! What Lola Grace doesn’t know is that Max has been forced into this marriage with her mother and he can’t keep his “kitten” out of his mind. As far as Lola Grace’s mother is concerned Max is a means to an end which hopefully will put her in the mayoral position she longs for. As far as mothers go though you wouldn’t wish her mother on anyone because she has proven over and over again that she is a self-centered, heartless bitch!

  • KingGT90 - This book was delivered in New condition, along with ...

    This book was delivered in New condition, along with some other books that I recently ordered from Amazon. I was interested in alternative diets and was drawn to this book as a 'Starter', to changing my eating habits. Hopefully it helps.

  • Marletta Priscilla Fomby - Magical!

    It was my very first time purchasing and using this kind of board . I just used it two days ago after I purchased it. I had to make my own mind up of how and when I was going to use it, while making a comfortable relationship with the board. My experience shocked me, Donald my spirit guide told me all I asked. It moved my whole body and stopped in each space to reveal the unknown to me. When I was finish the back of my neck was hurting my sign that lot's of energy was being used through me. I had the whole body tingle, I watched myself being used, and now my concentration is more in-depth than ever before. I love it, my mommy was near!