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  • Gaining Muscle Mass — Getting started in PL - Getting started in PL Hey guys so I am a total noob when it comes to powerlifting and meets. First what are some of the Feds that doesn’t test. I have no idea where to even start to look to find local...
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  • Gaining Muscle Mass — Jerking the dl bar - Jerking the dl bar I’m not sure I understand the difference between “explosive” and “acceleration.” I do understand jerking is for those hoping momentum will win the day…won’t happen. The whip always...
  • Gaining Muscle Mass — The Bro Split: why it sucks & better alternatives - The Bro Split: why it sucks & better alternatives Quote: — Originally Posted by Cobra Strike I have to agree that training a specific muscle more than once a week will provide more results. My...
  • Gaining Muscle Mass — Hi I'm new and after advice - Hi I'm new and after advice Welcome…this will be good *sits down with popcorn to watch the show*

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  • Bill Engineer - Works as advertised.

    Make it easy to put documents together. I recommend it for anyone publishing a newsletter or similar document. Documents look very nice.

  • Kyaputen - Hold me back before I eat the whole box

    When I bit into this, I expected that chalky, protein taste you get with other bars. But holy moly this was good! The only way I could describe it is a very soft, chocolate peanut butter tootsie roll, but the peanuts on top was very reminiscent of a Snickers. Quest, you've got some competition out there.

  • Amazon Customer - not what I expected

    This item is not what I expected. The author seems more intent on selling other videos that contains additional information not in this video. How sad. I was expecting a nice tutorial with exceptional training. Instead I received a mediocre training that requires the customer to buy other videos. Think I'll go straight to Microsoft office instead.

  • Jonathan Richmond - compicated

    All I wanted was a check book register and a way to print reports, not this gihugamous bunch of garbage.

  • T. Boyum - Works great! No more pain for me!!

    I have ordered this product several times since March 2016 and am very satisfied with the results. I have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for years and it had progressed to BOTH hands. Then I started getting tendonitis in my right elbow. I read about the benefits of turmeric and its success as an anti inflammatory. Within a week of beginning the supplements, all pain is gone! Once, I ran out and sure enough, within a week the pain had returned. Now I know better, I will not let myself run out ever again.