M.V. Sanit - Van Aacker Michaël, Auderghem et Zellik, Plombier Sanitaire, Egouts - PO NOUS SOMMES A VOTRE SERVICE DEPUIS 1993, Spécialisé dans la plomberie, sanitaire, traitement de l'eau, adoucisseur, passage par caméra dans vos égouts

  • M.V. Sanit, sanitaires, plomberie, égouts - PO Spécialisé en Sanitaire, salle de bain , cuisine , plomberie, adoucisseur et traitements de l'eau

    Country:, Europe, BE

    City: 4.35 , Belgium

  • Sandra Stephens - Long list of chemicals and an odd odor

    I really just couldn't get past the smell, and the list of chemicals in this product is exhaustive. Frankly, if you have any allergies at all you might want to avoid this and use plain almond oil or some other alternative.

  • Jimmyd - Sturdy and works well

    This is a large, heavy, well built machine that both my wife and I use (although not near as often as we should - but that is our problem not any fault of the machine) for which you need about six feet by three feet of free space to accommodate the footprint of this trainer plus space around it for access. To mount it from the floor level was especially difficult for my wife but i solved this by constructing a six inch tall,very stable platform step, to place on the floor beside the foot platforms, that enable my wife to make the mount in two easy steps. We are both in our seventies and I also found this step makes it much easier for me to mount the machine. I believe this elliptical trainer is a good investment for anyone who is serious about putting forth the effort needed to improve and maintain their physical condition.

  • Maxx - Very effective, support far better than Norton

    After many many years of Norton I became so annoyed by their "support" that I finally had to switch. Very happy I did.