Dementia and Altzheimers - My Story - My mother had Alzheimer's. This is a detailed account of the destructive progress of Alzheimer's from diagnosis to death. Also covered are continuing health care funding, drugs, medication, preventive measures, lifestyle risks, dementia, care at home, the lack of NHS responsibility and the scandalous lack of research funding

  • Dementia and Altzheimers - The Illness - This section details the progress of my mother's Alzheimer's Dementia in Residential Care, from the point of her discharge from hospital up to her last days. As an unfortunate part of this story, this page also deals with the attitude of local authority beaurocrats, palliative care and the death pathway instituted by her GP's.
  • Dementia and Altzheimers - It took my Life - This page is a collection of Alzheimer's images and slides. There is so much information available today but no cure.
  • Dementia and Altzheimers - Drugs, lifestyle and Over-The-Counter medication - Dementia is the biggest health and social care challenge of our generation, but research into the condition has been chronically underfunded and ther is no cure. Consequently you are on your own. Advice on this page looks at diet, lifestyle, risks, drugs, medication and Health Foods.
  • Dementia and Altzheimers - A real burden on Carers - The Ombudsman's review of my mother's case was fruitless, not because the decision went against us but rather that the Ombudsman ignored most of the facts submitted to support the case, totally failed to examine the case in detail, did not compare with previous Ombudsman rulings and chose instead to uphold illegal non-Coughlan compliant criteria.
  • Dementia and Altzheimers - A gradual Shutdown - We have produced a SUMMARY of broken government promises to avoid paying for care. Spending constraints on social care have led local authorities to tighten eligibility criteria, resulting in an increase in unmet need. This page includes a summary of the G8 Dementia Summit in 2013, the Dementia Challenge in 2014, the National Dementia Strategy and Global Action against Dementia
  • Dementia and Alzheimers - Site Links - This page has a number of links to Alzheimers and Dementia websites both in the UK and other countries. Comments on these sites are included.

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