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  • How to detect pregnancy home urine pregnancy test kit picture - At home easily privately 5 drops morning urine-Urine Pregnancy Test Kit Velocit Detects pregnancy few days after missed period-Not before missed period
  • What is safe period for sex to prevent pregnancy calendar method photo - Which are safe days for not getting pregnant One week before next menses and one week from first day of menses is safe period for sex SEE photo calendar
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    The build quality is horrible. Cheap plastics are used. Parts started coming apart after 10 minutes of initial used. Returned after using it for 1 day. I will not recommend anyone to buy.

  • Amy Red - Handy for fast store runs!

    I love this case except that sometimes the front part gets in the way when I'm trying to use this it's trying to close even when I don't want it closed. But over all super nice to have all you need without having to carry everything with you for a fast store run. You would have phone, money, license, etc all right there without a buky wallet or purse to carry. Other than that just carry your keys :)

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    This is not a super fix-all but in the correct application will save you hundreds of dollars. It will not repair rope seals, cut seals, or cracked seals; it does not fill in gaps. It will however restore the flexibility of dried and hardened seals (crankshaft seals, internal transmission seals, etc.). I have been using this product in my automotive repair shop for 15 plus years with great success in the proper applications. Know what problem you are trying to eliminate before you decide on the repair procedure you are going to use.