Levaquin Side Effects Lawsuit | Former Nurse Attorney Liz Dudley - Levaquin makers are currently being sued for inadequately warning patients of adverse side effects, including peripheral neuropathy.

  • Do I Have a Levaquin Case | Former Nurse Attorney Liz Dudley - If you were prescribed Levaquin and sufferedadverse side effects, including peripheral neuropathy, you may be eligible for compensation.
  • What is Levaquin? | Former Nurse Attorney Liz Dudley - Levaquin and flouroquilones are broad spectrum antibiotics linked to peripheral neuropathy, tendon ruptures, and skin disorders.
  • Levaquin Side Effects | Former Nurse Attorney Liz Dudley - Johnson & Johnson is facing lawsuits failing to properly warn about Levaquin side effects, including tendon injuries and peripheral neuropathy.
  • National Nurse Attorney Centrally Located in Kansas Liz Dudley - Nurse Attorney Liz Dudley leads the fight against Johnson & Johnson, which has been accused of negligence for misinforming patients about Levaquin.

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