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  • luis gonzalez - ... week but after the third day it doesn't feel like its working anymore

    I am still on this product I'm about a little over a week but after the third day it doesn't feel like its working anymore. I will finish the bottle but I don't believe I will see significant change with this product.

  • George R. - Installations instruction do not match unit and part is damaged

    The installation instructions indicate that the units are separately marked front and back for use on a Jeep Cherokee and must be installed this way. Neither of the units has any marking on it indicating which is the forward unit and which is the rear? Nor are they marked to indicated that the bar itself should be mounted with one side forward. When loosening the bolts for installation one of the bolts is either broken inside or cross threaded and will not tighten to secure on the track. .

  • Major Doodle - Probably worth it!

    Pretty loud and clear for a portable speaker system. I have never been disappointed with an ION product. I have a few block rockers and was excited to try this out and add it to my array. The tweeters pickup the rest of the audio range well though so you could easily use this as a stand alone system as well.

  • ned1644 - Wheel falls off. Programming stoped working

    Wheel falls off continuously like so many others. We have tried teflon tape on the axle, but after only 4 months of daily use, this should not be happening. We have hardwood floors with one area rug. Roomba does fine with changing from floor to rug and I don't think the floors are abusive to this wheel! After paying $500+ for this vacuum cleaner, I'm pretty upset about this design flaw. I've contacted their customer service, but so far have not received a response. I love the idea of the Roomba, and it has saved me lots of work, but the one star is for the annoyance factor.

  • Award21 - DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

    First response use to be the golden standard! It was everyone's "go-to"! It's been my go to for the last 6 years! Not anymore. The new design is AWFUL! I got 2 false positive yesterday. Plain as day, a beautiful 2nd line. Bloodwork 1 hour later? My beta was less than 3. For someone who's been ttc for 2.5 years, it's a huge blow and completely heart breaking!!! The company should focus more on fixing this garbage of a test or bring back the old one rather than making a "Bluetooth test" which is probably garbage too.

  • bookit - zero results

    I started the 3 month detox and thought I was doing it wrong.. it comes with out any instructions.. I had ZERO results. I thought at least the "cleasning portion" would provide a cleansing. The person on NCL who sold it to me said I would have a deep cleasning of toxins and not to be surprised at how much I "detoxed" and also how much weight I would lose and how great I would feel. I have looked up every single ingredients on the internet and while they are all strong herbal ingredients used, the amount they use must be too low to make any difference. The more I found blogs and other sites like this .. the more I wish I would never have tried them...... Metamucil works better for a cleanse (same key ingredient) and the amount of nutrients they list are also found in a good multi vitamin. 3 months-- 300 dollars.. nothing !

  • Amazon Customer - These are Just the Ticket for Removing the Clutter...Work Exactly Like the Ads I've Always Seen

    I've admired products similar to these for several years and always wondered what they'd be like to use around the house. We tend to get a bit cluttered in our storage areas and this seemed like it could help.