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  • brianna - Works great!

    It seems that this product is doing what it said it would! I have noticed a nice increase in my energy levels during the day, and I'm not as hungry, which means I'm not eating more than I need. I can feel a boost in my metabolism, but not like some of those pills that can make you feel shaky, make your heart pound, or make you feel sick, it makes me feel a little warm and makes me want to go workout! I have lost a couple pounds since I started drinking the teas (today is day 4), I imagine that is from the detoxing and the not eating as much. Both teas have a nice taste. Make sure you drink watet throughout the day, hard to detox when you aren't drinking water. I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I will be buying this again!

  • CoBamboo - A Very Good Story

    A Good story with some wonderful insights, told from a different point of view. The story line is creative and original, with a small amount of romance novel written in to it. The author spends a good amount of time developing relationships and explaining the feelings of the characters. The is just enough science to support a space adventure with out becoming bogged down in massive amount of scientific jargon. The story line proceeds at good pace, with an occasional flash back or side story inorder to establish context.

  • O. Mira - Very RUDE and horrible service

    I have never had such customer service! RIPP-OFFS!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, TIME, AND NERVES! NOT WORTH the product! Luiminess company in Stafford TX, scams! Cannot express enough my frustration and wasted money and time!!!

  • amazonholic - Fantastic but heavy

    I bought the Jemma to use on an upcoming trip where I'll be in multiple countries with multiple devices that'll need charging. In the meanwhile I've been testing the Jemma to see if it was even worth buying....It TOTALLY was!

  • ryan broussard - ... iblast audio Sport Wireless Running Headphones IPX7 Water SweatProof Comfortable Secure Fit 9hr Battery w/Mic V1

    I received Bluetooth Earbuds by iblast audio Sport Wireless Running Headphones IPX7 Water SweatProof Comfortable Secure Fit 9hr Battery w/Mic V1.1 on time and exactly as described. These things are incredible. They are comfortable on my ears and in them. Very light weight so they never became a bother. The sound is awesome. The sound is loud and clear. I never once heard it distorted. They where very easy to pair and set up. The controls all worked perfectly without any special settings. I did not have to install any software to make these work. They where very pair and worked right out of the box. They did come charged enough to test them out. The included cable can charge them with any standard usb and they seem to charge quickly. I had a few hours of use and the battery never died with just a half hour charge. The case they came in is sturdy and protects the headphones with the included ear pieces and clip. The rubber ear pieces have a little harder rubber inside so they don't collapse when you push them into your ear. These are really well designed headphones and it shows. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I review based on quality and use, but not cost. Review's are my own and if you feel this has been helpful then let me know thank you!

  • sallly - love it

    Loved these songs on my old cassette tapes a million years ago. Nice to hear it all again. The voices together are pure synergy.