Naturally Bubbly - Are you looking for help improving your family’s health? Lowering your carbon footprint? Saving money? Do you wonder what being green and sustainable means? At Naturally Bubbly you will find simple, in-expensive and eco-friendly green living tips and advice to help you achieve your green goals.

  • About Me | Naturally Bubbly - I am a skeptical green issues reporter; a green living, cleaning, and gardening expert; an environmentally friendly product reviewer, food reformer, and green lifestyle coach.
  • Contact Naturally Bubbly | Naturally Bubbly - Do you have questions for Naturally Bubbly? I hope we can find answers for you about how to go about greening your home and garden.
  • Kitchen | Naturally Bubbly - Have you thrown up your hands in defeat trying to figure out how to clean and sanitize your kitchen without having to resort to dangerous chemicals or antibacterial soap?
  • A Clean and Shiny Bathroom Takes Only 10 Minutes a Week! | Naturally Bubbly - You won't need to use dangerous disinfectants, chlorine cleansers, or anti microbials to get your bathroom clean and sanitary. Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and oxygen bleach will do just as well or better at disinfecting, sanitizing and removing dirt from your bathroom surfaces as those toxic chemical products.
  • Organic Landscape Gardening | Naturally Bubbly - Even if you are a beginner gardener, you don’t need Miracle Gro or any other synthetic chemicals to be successful at gardening. Please just ignore the cute commercials if you can.
  • Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting | Naturally Bubbly - Low voltage landscape lighting uses such a small amount of electricity that there is no significant drain on your resources.
  • Outdoor Mats Protect your Home from Dirt and Toxins | Naturally Bubbly - Natural fiber outdoor entry mats (without waterproof backings) like coir coconut fiber, jute and textured rubber are excellent at removing dirt and debris from shoes and boots.
  • Sugar is Not so Sweet on Us – Sugar Blues | Naturally Bubbly - Too much added sugar in our food is making Americans unhealthy. Some new federal dietary guidelines and a list of the different names for sugar.
  • Happy New Year! | Naturally Bubbly - Here’s to a greener 2016! Open up your heart with heart chakra meditation affirmations. Let’s get that healing green energy flowing around the world.
  • Caribbean Travel Tips | Naturally Bubbly - How to be comfortable in the Caribbean in a cheap rental apartment or guesthouse. You can do it, and It will be totally worth it!
  • Fall Clean Up in the Organic Sustainable Garden | Naturally Bubbly - Fall is a good time to start letting your garden be a little messy. I say that because gardens can be too clean, too tidy, and too neat for their own good.
  • Miele Polaris Review | Naturally Bubbly - The Polaris, a True HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is the second HEPA filter canister vacuum cleaner I bought for my company. It costs a third or a quarter of what other Miele vacs do.
  • HEPA For Cleanest Air | Naturally Bubbly - Aquarius, Earth, Eclipse, Callisto, Capricorn, Libra canister vacs, and high end upright models, such as the Salsa, Bolero, Jazz, and Swing series have built in True HEPA filters plus a pre motor filter for added dust containment.

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  • Amazon Customer - 5 stars.

    Lovely vitamins. My nails have grown so much with these. The taste and texture aren't too bad either. Not sure how much my hair has grown but it for sure has gotten thicker.

  • Josie - lifesaver!!

    I'm utterly convinced the negative reviews are from those who don't have damaged hair and used this product just because OR people aren't reading the instructions.

  • DreamWeb - I use ACT on a daily basis

    I had a rather old version of ACT. This was a no brainer for me. I don't see much of a change in the program though.