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  • Jordan - Waste of 30 bucks

    I did not experience any real noticeable effects from this product. I took two capsules every morning. I felt kind of short fused, or easily agrivated while taking this. Went away a few days after I stopped taking it.

  • S. Schmidt - Best applaince in my kitchen!

    I purchased the Mega Kitchen System in January, and I use it at least once nearly every day. I absolutely love it! It does everything I need it to do, and it does them well. I especially like the small bowl that fits inside the larger food processing bowl. It's perfect for chopping onions, garlic and herbs. It does this in seconds and saves me a ton of time when cooking dishes with multiple ingredients that need chopping. It chops everything uniformly, too. That feature determined which model of the system I chose to buy. Yes, it is noisy, but the motor is powerful, and you don't need to run it very long to do the job. And yes, the blades are sharp and you have to be careful to avoid cutting yourself. Duh. That's a given with any machine that uses blades, isn't it? After 3 months, I just called the company because the seal on the blender lid is deteriorating, apparently from the dishwasher, even though I always put it on the upper rack. When I talked to the rep, he said all parts are guaranteed to be dishwasher safe, so I'll be getting a new lid in 3-5 business days at no charge. It didn't matter that I bought it from Amazon, and I didn't need to prove when I bought it. I saw other comments on their website that indicated people got free replacement parts even when they were out of warranty. My impression is that this company stands behind its product, and the customer service was wonderful. I got this on Amazon for under $200 with free shipping. I considered Vita-Mix, but the cost was way too much, and I like the removable blades on the Ninja. They are easy to clean in the dishwasher. All in all, this was a great investment, and I use it more than any other kitchen appliance I own. Even if down the road I need to replace parts beyond warranty coverage, I'll still be hundreds of dollars ahead of the cost of a Vita-Mix.

  • Lisa - my horses seem to love it like a good back scratcher

    This works really well. It gets all the shedding hair out and although when I felt it with my hand I thought it might be too rough, my horses seem to love it like a good back scratcher! It's easy to hold also. I'm very happy with it.

  • Wizard - It is good material and fits snug on

    A solid feeling case well worth the price. It is good material and fits snug on. The charger and headphone holes are perfectly sized and all the buttons are clickable very easily.

  • Amazon Customer - 94 Astro

    Have been using this product for 3+ years, one quart per oil change w/ 4 quarts of full synthetic. Only a couple of small oil drips and no oil usage. The van is a '94 just turning 280k miles, it has traveled through 43 states pulling a tent camper through all of them. Keep the great products coming Lucas!

  • Dylan - More than happy, exceeded my expectations

    I just received this watch today no more than a few hours ago, but I did plenty of research on what it is capable of, specifically when considering phone platforms like Apple versus Android.