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  • Davem77 - A great oil for those with eczema trying to grow a beard

    I was a bit skeptical about this product because I suffer from eczema and over sensitive skin which reddens easily with any fragrant oils. Let me first say that this product has no odors or fragrance of any kind which is a big benefit for those who suffer from the same conditions as I do. When I first used it my skin did become a little irritated and itchy, not because of the product, but because the oil was actually penetrating my skin under my beard and re-hydrating my skin. It took about 3 days for the skin under my beard to finally become accustomed to being hydrated again and now the itching is all but gone (itches once in a while) but my beard looks and feels great. Combine this oil with a good beard brush (not a Hair Brush) and you can grow your beard without the annoying itching. My wife and son love how soft and shiny my beard has become and so will yours. At first you may have to use it whenever you feel itchy. I was putting it on at least 3 times a day but that was due to my condition. Now it's just once a day or twice depending on how often you're feeling your beard feeling a little dry.

  • Jennifer Kaczala - Love it !

    Really good for beginners and gives you options for low impact or if you want to kick it up a notch.

  • jo holmes - Great earbuds

    Products was described as by seller. Arrived on time and a very good price . I have been enjoying them for awhile now . Would buy items from this seller again .

  • gripper - Three across the backseat fit perfectly!

    I have a Volvo XC70 and three small grandchildren. I owned Two Britax convertible carseats and one Britax infant carseat that just fit across the back seat. Now with the youngest graduating from his infant seat, getting three convertible carseats across the back seat was a challenge. I could not get another Britax convertible to fit with the two other carseats.After researching other carseats I found the Clek Fllo. It is smaller in width 16.9 " compared to other seats that are 19". I am able to get three of the Clek Fllo comfortably across the back seat. Even with the middle one rear facing. Very nice well made seats and easy to install. I wasn't sure I wanted to put out more money for three of these seats but I am glad I did. Well worth the money and much cheaper than having to buy a bigger vehicle. Probably the last carseats I will ever have to buy.

  • dave - Nice bright landscape lights

    When I open the box wow, these solar lights are really nice. What you get is 6 light with 6 poles about 10 inches high with spikes. The best thing when you put them out along the sidewalk or something else. Make sure you have direct sunlight and have the lights turn off for at least 24 hours so the battery's can get a full charge. I hope this review helps out for those that buy these lights.

  • Virginia Bietenholz - Body Ecology

    I really like the basic principles in the book and plan to follow them as much as I can. Some of the suggestions get a little far out, though. I definitely think it is worth reading the book and just glean from it what you need.

  • Rivers - doesn't work as it should

    product isn't really usable. the bluetooth signal only works when my phone is in the same side pocket. signal reception is too weak if it is on the other side of body. when i tilt my head down, the unit ceases to work. I assume there is a loose wire or a short in the unit the prevents it from working when i tilt my head down. either way, this is a manufacturing defect. i used this for one weekend before i became too disgusted with it and put ti in a drawer.