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  • Michael L. Graves - Do Not Buy!

    Very poor fit. The all weather F150 mats are far, far superior in every way. I am sorry that I bought these. I went back to the stock rubber mats. Unfortunately I now have holes in my carpet from the anchors. Not impressed at all.

  • LavenderGirl - Amazing effective probiotic

    I was given a sample of this product by my gastro in response to an over two month ordeal with what was tagged as a "post-infectious IBS".

  • Dewitt Glasgow - Quicken 2012 Manual

    I had never used Quicken before so needed a grounding in the basics. That's why I bought this manual and proceeded to read it through, skipping the parts covering features that I would not be using. I had used MS Money previously and this manual had a helpful section for such users. I have used Quicken for almost two years now and often refer to the manual. One of my few complaints about it is the index is not always as useful as I would like. Several times I have tried to look for items under what seemed to me to be appropriate headings but couldn't find any listed.

  • roylfewkes - Great Idea.. Not safe.

    I got this for my Dad because he is getting into technology and he is also a Diabetic. He already keeps careful track of his sugars in a journal but I thought this would be a great new way to keep track of things. Wow was I wrong. I got him this for Christmas for use with his Iphone5c. Maybe it's the Ihealth Strips, or this attachment, but one or both of them produce poor readings. One reading will say 120 and 30 seconds later with a new strip and the same blood will read 160. Did experiments with an entire bottle of strips to see what was causing this error.... my conclusion is that it does not work. I love the idea but it is not there yet in my opinion.. You need something like this to be accurate or someone with diabetes could be in serous danger. I wish I could get my money back

  • Guido - What a mistake!!

    I purchased this kit in onyx. We had a three person team the first time. We carefully followed the written and video directions. As with other reviews, we were very short on the first "glue like" product. We used a mountain of chips, sanded very carefully the next day and had many, many spots that showed through. We chose not to put on the final coat, as in addition to show through, the spots we tried to fix (using left over drips from our roller) were all a different color than the rest of the counter. We called the company. They paid for a second kit. This time we had enough base coat, but only because we were going over the same color and it didn't matter as much if there were some thin spots. When we sanded the second time, it looked beautiful. A multi-toned gray color that looked like stone. We assumed that it would remain multi-toned, only darker with black and dark gray, just like the illustration on the box. Once the final coat was applied,however, it turned everything solid black, and I mean black! Also, it is really, really shiny. It honestly looks like cheap, shiny, black patent leather. This totally ruined the look of our kitchen. I am going to ask for my money back for the second kit also. We have endured two ridiculous messes, tons!!!! of work, and now we have to come up with another solution for our counters. Don't believe this quote from the Rust-Oleum web site: "simple, affordable and hassle-free way to transform your worn or damaged laminate countertops into beautiful, durable, new counter surfaces in a weekend and without the hefty mess and high cost of countertop replacement" It's not simple, hassle-free or mess free. And, as others have commented, many people can replace their counters for less money and hassle by using the basic colors available at home stores.

  • ashxcore - A middling device if you only need it to work for two weeks

    Worked okay for two weeks, but then suddenly stopped working. My LG V10 with Quick Charge 2.0 never said it was fast charging, unlike with a fast charging wall adapter, but at least it did not discharge my battery while playing Pokémon Go unlike my last non-QC2.0 portable charger. It certainly never did any fast charging though! I had to return this. Should have spent the extra money on an Anker.

  • Aubrey J. - Handy little light for YouTube

    I Purchased this selfie ring light to use to film my youtube videos with. i usually film with natural lighting, but once the sun starts setting earlier I won't have enough day light after work to film and get good quality video due to lack of light. I actually purchased this with low expectations thinking that it would be just ok. This little light is actually super powerful with multiple settings for me to adjust to however i like. i prefer to use the third setting on the light for the brightest light. It fits on my iPhone 6 plus with the case on it as well. I wish it was rechargeable instead of having to use triple a batteries, but i just get cheap batteries from the dollar tree and it works just fine. i did receive this product at a discounted price. I give my fair and honest review for all products that I purchase even if i receive a discount.