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  • julie - impressed

    I ordered these matts because all came together, back ones to. I'm so impressed with the fit for my 2014 Ford Escape, especially the back matt , that have the middle covered, how clever, keeps clean.

  • Internet Shopper - Overall good.

    Although I think the hype is a bit much, the CHI Silk Infusion does what it advertises itself to do. It definitely softens and hydrates. Only a dime size is really necessary. The perfume is somewhat like cologne. It smells good to me, not divine, but good - certainly unusual. Here on Amazon was the best deal I have found; I saw them selling this at Target for $10 for a small 2 oz. with another one 'free,' so if you're looking for the best deal, it doesn't get better than here.

  • OldLisa - Great Product

    These are fantastic. They take off even the shortest stubble without scraping the skin. They even take off the coarse stubble. No cutting. I've tried all of the drugstore brands and these are much better. Granted, the razor head could use being a bit smaller.

  • Booked Every Night - A Sweet Slow Build

    This book is a slow sweet build with just the right amount of angst and the perfect touch of drama. R.S. Grey is a newer author to me but I have loved everything I have read of hers.

  • Salsa Lover46 - Best Excel book

    I know very little about Excel. It starts from a level of someone who knows nothings, gives great tips that will make you an expert, has practices, a CD. I just love it. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be great a Excel. Mr. Walkenbach explains things very simply. This book is a must have. They gave us an Excel help book at work from someone they hired to teach us a class. The book was horrible. I couldn't benefit from it. Don't know how much they paid that women, but it was truly a waste of their money. We would have been better with this Excel 2010 Bible.

  • Montalvo - I'm a retired VP of human resources and this book ...

    I'm a retired VP of human resources and this book, in its earlier editions, has been my singular recommendation for job seekers and career changers. It's been updated to keep up with all the latest digital-era processes for job search and networking but the basic thrust remains both unchanged and spot-on. I bought the book for my grandson who's finding himself unsure of where his next career move should take him. I've been hounding him to ensure that he reads every page...TWICE!

  • Kevin Nevias - Excellent Vacuum and Great (although very slow) Customer Support

    I had to write a review of this due to an excellent experience I had recently had with their customer service department. I purchase this vacuum 4 years ago and it has worked great since then. I recently started having problems as the electrical cord connected to the back had become slightly loose so the vacuum would intermittently stop working. Since the vacuum had a 5 year warranty I thought I would call their customer service department even though I didn't have a lot of confidence that they would help me since it was 4 years old and this might be considered normal wear and tear. I was also concerned that the shipping costs to have it repaired just wouldn't be worth it. To make a long story short their customer service department did take a very long time to get back to me which upset me at first, but they did replace the unit with a new vacuum and even shipped me the new one before I shipped the old one back. They also took care of all of the shipping and handling so it was really an excellent experience.