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  • TiffanyReadz - A True Old Fashioned Romance

    Sure it took a few chapters to lay the foundation, however A Place in the Sun is a nice, solid romance that keeps you on your toes the entire time. It's one of those books where at some point you are irritated with both leading characters and want them to just go away, but not really.

  • hleejpn - but nothing lasted like this lithium battery powered Linx

    We have had our Linx Cordless Vac for over two years, purchased on Amazon. It does everything we expected and more. I have numerous cordless tools, and once the lithium batteries came out and with considerable experience with nicad and others the lithium based batteries beat the others in performance. The only negative I can add is that chargers can be designed and built to quit charging once the battery is charged, eliminating the problem of shortening battery life by leaving it in the charger. I don't know if Hoover has done this yet or not. However, for us, we knew this and do not leave a charged battery in the charger.

  • Amazon Customer - Decent and functional

    Nice case for the price. Works and fits well. Stands fine, but my main negative comment is the aesthetic.. It's a little TOO shiny black for me.. Like the look of greasy oiled leather.

  • LeadSled70 - Junk right from the Box!!!

    After lugging this 200+ lb beast up the stairs and setting it up I excitedly jumped on for a great workout. That's when I realized I just wasted $1300 dollars. Every rotation of the LEFT pedal assembly brought a CLUNK CLUNK! Come to find out this is a VERY COMMON PROBLEM. I then waited several weeks for a repair man to come. He gave me a time period anywhere from 2pm to 7pm on a Saturday, pretty lame but what can you do right? Well he shows up at 5:25pm, looks at it for 20 seconds and says " Yep it's the same thing I have seen on the other SIX Sole E35's I had today". In ONE day he had 6 service calls for the same problem. He said that Sole is aware of the problems from the factory and continues to ship them out as is. Then they waste time sending the wrong parts to eat up your warranty time. If I hadn't already chopped up the box this piece of garbage would be on it's way back to Sole...or as I refer to them now as " Soleless ". A great example of Profit before Quality. I have heard they make a great treadmill from friends, they just make a lousy elliptical. Now I have to wait a week for a new left side assembly then another 1-2 weeks for the guy to come back and install it. It will have been 2 months of waiting before we can use it. All this while Soleless enjoys my hard earned $1300 clams. I will be calling the Better Buisness Bureau for sure on these clowns.

  • Walter Idol - Works great for the stations I tested and is a significant ...

    Works great for the stations I tested and is a significant improvement over the oem antenna in terms of being able to drive through a carwash. That being said, I live in the city so I would expect signal to be stronger. Moreover, radio is not my first choice in audio, so I was mainly looking for a functional replacement that wasn't so large.