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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • R Zimmer - fun to read and make with the children for a party with kids who like harry potter

    good cookbook and great fr the kids, as a family we shared in making many of the recipes. great for having a party for children who love harry potter

  • Fountainheart - The Dullest American Short Stories

    Each time I bought The Best American Short Stories collections (this and O Henry), I was amazed how weak and un-engaging they were. Usually, there are only just 2-3 good stories, no great stories, never any thought-provoking ones, and the stories by the most well-known writers are typically an embarrassment. Not worth a buy! This time, I glanced at this collection after borrowing it from NYPL (I'd learned that spending hard cash on this collection is a risky proposition) only because of the huge respect I have for the author Jennifer Eagan; yet, like always, the book didn't excite me.