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  • Isis Duarte - small

    It's an ouija board... I thought it would be bigger... anyway... It's an ouija board... the oracle is made of plastic and it looks really cheap :p

  • Chris B. - Garbage.

    Do not buy this. When I installed the ball feeder I realized that I didn't line it up right. When I tried to fix it it cracked into a dozen pieces. They really need to put more thought into the design of this product.

  • Bernadette - Simply safe is a great product

    We have had the Simply safe alarm for about 4 months or more and we love it. It is nice to know that our home is in safe hands while we are away. Very easy to install, a lot less expensive that all other alarm systems.No contracts and better yet not a outrageous bill every month. Very affordable.

  • Comedy and Integrity Fan - It is a nice herb for short term anxiety and blood pressure relief ...

    This is a fairly good short term acting first aid behaving like herb for helping raise the threshold of anxiety and suppressing elevating blood pressure even excerbated by anxiety, though it's not near as high quality as any drug or remedy that it substitutes. Even though you have to take them all with dosage caution, and caution of instant to long term consequences per every individual.

  • W Widmer - Great Program

    I have been using H&R Block's software (Deluxe version) for over 10 years and really prefer it to TurboTax which I tried on 2 occasions (2000 & 2006). For those with investments, TurboTax pushes their Premium version which is really pricey compared to H&R Block's Deluxe version which has all that I need. Not only is it less expensive, but I think it is also easier to use. Both programs seem to want to talk you into an upgrade, a bit annoying but easy to skip over. From reading it appears that TurboTax may be better at importing investment info, back in 06 this was true in that TurboTax accepted more import formats. I found that I had to check it over anyway with both programs for accuracy as both made mistakes.

  • mitch camp - Great mats

    Excellent product.Fits perfectly in my 2013 150. These mats are heavy duty and not the flimsy ones. I love them.