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  • Marion Cipolle - Worked for my dishwasher

    Was an easy fix. Exactly as other feedback described. Glad I saw this before I messed with the pump, etc.

  • Michael - Good fit. Great OEM replacement.

    If you can live without the logos in the middle, they're a great OEM replacement. Found a seller that has the logos for the center, but I didn't bother getting them.

  • Nancy J. - Mama Belly Butter

    I love this product! It smells so good! It is nice and thick. I am currently not using it for its intended use because those days are over for me! I'm using it for my eczema on my legs and for my dry heels. I have to really give it some time to work it in to my skin care routine but I think it will work out great. I gave it 5 stars because so far I really do like it. The only con if you can call it that is that the jar could be a little bit bigger for people like me with thirsty skin! Ha Ha! I recommend it to everyone! Shipping was fast because I have Prime membership but it would've been worth waiting for!

  • Jeff D. - Super bright. They look awesome and were a direct ...

    Super bright. They look awesome and were a direct fit. No modifications needed to the hardware to fit my vehicle (2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock). Not sure if it was because I have the anniversary edition bumpers, but I have to buy harness adapters to go from the vehicle harness to these without modifying my factory harness.


    I love doomsday movies but this particular film left me with a regurgitated taste in my mouth. The acting was horrendous and the dialogue gave me a lingering headache. Once in a while, I will find a B movie that is so-so. This one didn't even come close and seriously people...if those people were the chosen ones from God, then we would be in a world of trouble!!!

  • Grant Hallman - This is very well done - technically excellent writing, good concept & plot

    This is very well done - technically excellent writing, good concept & plot, decently done characters. Minor quibbles - left me hanging at the end, and the idea that spacefaring technology can't handle vermin on its own seems a bit of a stretch. But a very worthwhile read i can recommend to any scifi fan. Just have to wait for the sequel, sigh...

  • BC Robins - Good Book for Refernce

    I use this book all the time for reference.. Very good for use in a office with several employees. thanks