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  • mike w. - Worked on my hot tub, but not on my pool

    Purchased this because I had a leak in my pool piping and was looking for an easy fix. This did not fix my pool after using a half a bottle. Determined I had a cracked elbow underground, after I dug up the line when this did not work. But we also have a hot tub that had a small leak, so we put the remaining half bottle in the tub to see if it would work. It did, and now the tub is leak free.

  • JKono - Not the best tasting

    I ordered these from an itWorks distributor. I've been taking it for almost a month now. I have the berry flavor. The taste when mixed with water is not the best I admit. The first time was hard to get it down. My tip is to find a juice and take it with that. I use the V8 diet berry splash. It helps.

  • Name Name - Crack the DAT

    This software is amazing. It helps you prepare for the DAT. It is very easy to download and very easy to work with. I've worked through all the sections and it was great. It definitely helps you to do well.

  • Curtis "Bear" - Really Good Quallity Ram for Computer/Definately Can Take What You Throw At It

    Awesome RAM upgrade for your computer! I recently bought these for my new Lenovo Flex 4 laptop and which was a upgrade from my factory 4gb. Installed very easily and snapped right in, perfect fit! Noticed the different right away in running multiple programs! I tested it out and ran several tabs running You Tube Videos all running at 4K quality and was not budging a bit and ran perfectly with no glitches. Def recommend this Ram for your laptop or computer!!