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  • Verdiana Colombo - very good camera!

    This kind of camera works very well. Setup was very easy. Video reliability and quality are incredibly good. Both day and night work well. The two way music communication is ok. Great for short discussions. We also have a few D-link cameras. This camera and functionality are much better.

  • Nanarivers - Awful!

    Feels great at first but within a few days my skin was peeling and breaking out. Don't use this stuff. Cindy Crawford should be ashamed!

  • James K. Beard - Workable Backup Solutions, Executive Control of your Boot Drive

    Acronis backup solutions are user-configured. The configuration that works best for me keeps the total size of backup storage at about the size of the data on the boot drive. This allows me to use an inexpensive two-HD slow RAID on my desktop for backup. I had a boot disk failure last year and recovered 100% of the data on a bootable HD using Acronis, valid as of my last rotating backup.

  • Kareena417 - A lil oily but my skin loves it

    Loved the mama belly butter.. Unlike the other lotion / creams, this one is lil oily so sticky in nature.. I have no rashes instead it's a soothing one and my skin loves it.. You don't have to apply too much , a lil amount does work.

  • George Poirier - Fun and Informative

    This book contains 100 stories outlining a great variety of facts. The topics vary tremendously: from history and geography to politics to science and health. Each story is on average about two and a half pages long – just a nice length to sufficiently get into the subject without short-changing the reader or belaboring the topic. At the end of each story is a “bonus fact” which is a spinoff fact varyingly related to the main fact just discussed. The stories can be read in any particular order since they are not interdependent.

  • James Bus - like

    Very pleased so far. I was skeptical about buying this product but was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been using for 2 weeks and losing weight feel great. . My moods are better and my energy levels are up! Would recommend you try it for yourself