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  • Cara - Firms and brightens

    I'm 23, so my goal with this eye cream is to prevent and protect from wrinkles. But I have very dark circles and heavy bags that I constantly try to combat with heavy concealers and eye brightening makeup. You can tell this eye cream is firming, and even somewhat brightens my dark circles after a few weeks of use. I'll definitely keep using it.

  • Michele Sobelman - 1 year on Thrive

    I've been taking Thrive for a year now. I'm reading all of these customer reviews on it and laughing. Everyone is different and effected differently. It doesn't make the product bad. My advice to you all is to try it for yourself. At first it may feel strange as if you are way too caffeinated but about a week in its amazing. I remember all of my senses intensifying. I could smell better and colors seemed to pop. I also have been running and exercising every morning before work. It feels like someone is turning a switch on inside of you. You're energized and clear minded. It always reminded me of that movie limitless. If you are taking Thrive to pop a pill and hope it does all of the weight loss work for you then don't buy it. It's best to think of it this way, this system makes you feel amazing so that you want to move more and that's how you will drop the weight.

  • S. Reynolds - Not a bad product

    I bought this product directly from Navage. Though this product is easy to set up it does not work as advertised. When I used this product the saline solution just goes into my throat making me gag. The bottom reservoir that is supposed to collect it remained empty. Before you ask, I watched all of the online videos on their site and tried all of the tips. It just does not work. Also the salt pods are a liquid so you would have to buy them and could not measure out and make up your own. At the recommended usage of twice a day, the price would add up quickly. I have contacted the company and requested a full refund.

  • Trevor Vance - May cause feminine magnetism.

    This shoes are my new favorite. I have wore them once but the slew of women that mauled me because of how nice my shoes are put me in the hospital. But I can't wait until I get out and get my two leg casts off from the same hoard attack so continue to look like the flyest dude in town.

  • Edwin - GOOD READ

    I have read quite a few books on this time frame in history. None before have dealt with Owen Tudor and his heirs. I found the book very interesting and will probably read the remaining two books in this trilogy.

  • Natasha rodriguez - Really good. It curls my hair without me having to ...

    Really good. It curls my hair without me having to straighten it first. This is an amazing product. Be careful not to burn yourself with it because it will leave a mark.