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  • Amazon Customer - Good alternative to swallowing pills

    I received one packet of this product as a free sample. It is a good alternative for women who can't or hate swallowing big pills. I can't tell you if this works for reproduction or not since I only sampled it once, but I do recommend it if you want a supplement but can't stand taking pills.

  • Andi - Seriously amazing & life changing !!

    I can't believe how well this stuff actually works ! I'm 27 yrs old and this past year I started getting these painful red bumps on my face. I'd only get one or two sometimes three of them and they were nothing like I had ever experienced before and really took a toll on my self esteem and of course made me not want to go anywhere in public. Which was impossible b/c I'm a mom of 3 and I had to take them to school and run errands etc. So these weird bumps didn't pop and if I tried to pop them they would get inflamed and become way worse and even scab over . Not to mention that they would leave little pink scars afterwards once they went away which was something I also never dealt with before from acne. I had the normal teenage acne growing up nothing really bad. Then when I got in my early 20's I had occasional breakouts but my face was clear most of the time. So when this started to happen it was really upsetting my kids would say things and ask why my face looked like that and my husband was nice about it , but I know he noticed it too. I had to do something so I started researching and found that tea tree oil is like magic for getting rid of acne issues . This stuff is the only thing that got rid of my problem and it's helping fade and get rid of the scars too. I recommend Keeva tea tree oil acne treatment to anyone who is having problems with acne or scars . This is truly like magic acne killer in a bottle !! It saved my face and myself esteem !!

  • Rebel Brown - Worth it, but there are some extra expenses.

    Got this for my 4yr old nephew. Wanted him to have something that was tough enough to stand up to him and was only his so he wouldn't have to give up the iPad anymore when someone needed to use it. I honestly haven't gotten a chance to even sit down and check out the apps on this thing because he has been playing with it that much. So he seems to love it. One caveat though. There is definitely extra costs to this thing. Since the Leapfrog app store is totally proprietary you are paying serious prices for those apps, when you first activate the device you get a one day only coupon for 30% off, bought a bundle of 10 apps for $50-ish dollars and so far that's keeping the nephew occupied, but I'm sure that at some point he will want more apps and apps cost between $7 and $25. So they are way more expensive than on the app store or Google play store. I suppose you could get the same effect on any tablet if you really configured the parental controls and carefully chose the apps, but you are paying a premium to be 100% assured that everything on here is kid friendly.

  • mohsen - sooooryyyyyyyyyy

    I trust in amazon as a good shopping site care with the products that shown on it but at this product which not working I'm so soorrryyyyyyyy the problem is I'm travel abroad no chance for return

  • Zach - Wrong size?

    I ordered the antenna for 2007 JKU. The adaptor that connected the antenna to the base was the wrong size. I emailed Amazon to send the correct adaptor. They did refund the money, but were unable to send the right size adaptor. I ended up going with the 13" Antenna.


    WASTE OF MONEY AND DOES NOT WORK! I stopped smoking a month prior to my hair follicle test, used this product, along with a month long 1hr 1/2 process EVERY NIGHT of baking soda, vinegar, tide, nexxus aloe rid, 2% astring., etc. Also, bought the OTHER two step, one bottle Ultra Klean and used that day of test, with all other steps and STILL did not pass. I spent about $300 in product to clean my hair, got it cut AND dyed it. WASTE OF MONEY, DO NOT BUY!!!