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    I bought the silver one months ago. It is very easy to use and dependable. To load songs onto it you just connect the USB connection to a computer (I have Win7), and then drag songs or folders. I have only used MP 3 format. I love it so I bought the pink one last week for a 9 year old Grandson, because I couldn't find any other color, on Amazon, listed as new. The wife was appalled that I had gotten him the pink one, so she runs out and gets him a blue Naxa MP 3 player. I gave him the choice of which player he liked the best and he chose the Sylvania (pink even), due to the ease of use and the rechargeable battery. It took me 30 minutes to even get the Naxa to play, and he shrugged and said " The color doesn't bother me". We did change the blue ear buds off the Naxa, as the Sylvania buds were really pink.