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City: 19.0514 , Hungary

  • Gunpo - Do not buy this product

    This is a truly awful program. Biggest gripe: you have an option for a cold call, but in order to schedule a call you need a contact at the location you are calling. Did it not occur to the developers that perhaps the reason I'm cold calling is because I don't currently have a contact at the location? This means that it's impossible to schedule calls for businesses that you do not already have a relationship with. Oh, you want to call this business that might be a large account for you, but you don't currently know who you should speak to? Tough luck, because ACT ain't helping you.

  • Rich W - Most forgiving ball I've played

    I did not buy these balls for distance due to that not being an issue in my game, they do hit fairly far though. I was looking for a ball that gave the most forgiveness out of miss hit shots. Plain and simple I will say this, these are the only balls that I'll finish a round of 18 with the same ball I started. I can't say the same for any other ball I've played. Thought it might just be dumb luck at fist but after 80+/- rounds I can't argue with the facts, these balls are the most forgiving for an average golfer hands down.

  • Alex S. - No limitations

    Really an amazing stereo, its an android phone in your dash! The limits are boundless with a device like this

  • promama - Worst experience ever!

    What we thought was going to be an easy upgrade has ended up shutting our office down. Timeslips 2012 links with Abacus and Outlook. Sounds wonderful? no, it has disabled our email and Abacus. When you call for support, Sage has decided to outsource their support calls to India. The people handling support calls do not know what they are doing. If you ask to speak to someone in the United States, they don't know what to do with that request either. This company offers 30 day support and you will utilize every bit of the 30 days to get support. After 30 days, you can either cry or pay $50 to initiate a call and $5 for every minute thereafter. Our office is still disabled and disappointed extremely.

  • Square kNot - just like the others

    Thank you for reading my review for Crystala Frigidaire WF3CB Puresource 3 Replacement Filter by Crystala Filters. I received the item in a timely manner. It was no problem to put in, just like the others. And as long as you follow the directions, you'll get some fresh clean filtered water running in a few minutes. If you've never replaced yours before, you just need to make sure you've pushed the filter in far enough that it clicks. Then you have to run the water for a few minutes to both get air out of the line, as well as let any charcoal residue from the filter through. The taste was off a bit this was most likely due to it being warm as an hour later when it was cold tastes just as good as with the original filter.

  • Paul R. Ohta - overall a pretty good program

    The card creating part of the program is much better than Createacard which we had previously. We have had an issue with the calendar not saving some of the events we added, which has been a little frustrating.

  • Lauren Keller - Finally a wireless mouse for gaming.

    Recently had a problem with a competitors mouse and have thought I would try Logitech again, glad I did. I am sure some people find it hard to justify the price of this mouse, but after using this for more than a week, there is no regret so far. Maybe I am just happy that I have a mouse with a sensor that actually works and doesn't stop tracking during random times especially when I am playing video games. I have been using this mouse both wired and wireless and honestly I cannot tell the difference. Same performance no matter which way its connected. Battery life seems to be good as well. I have decided to keep the LED off because it is covered by the hand while in use so I am sure that contributes to the battery performance as well. As for the design of the mouse its actually almost perfect for me. Sometimes the mouse feels too long but its really not that big of a deal and for it being ambidextrous I actually prefer it that way. All the mouse I have used in the past have been ambidextrous so its nothing new to me and having all sides buttons enabled feels right at home.