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  • Jcymsl168 - Our dog loves his house!

    Absolutely love this doghouse. We added blankets inside so it's extra cozy for our dog. He sleeps in it every night. We keep it in our bedroom to keep him off the bed. Also great during bad weather as he is afraid of thunder and heavy winds. He feels safe inside his house. It's much bigger than we anticipated but it gives our dog the ability to walk around inside.

  • Keith Dworak - Don't wait until it's too late

    I have a 15 year old septic tank and I never have it pumped. Instead, I pop one supply of RID-X into the toilet, flush it twice and then go to bed. Haven't had a problem yet! Make sure you follow the instructions and dont use a lot of water after you flush this, you want it to sit in your septic tank and not run into your yard. I just do it Friday night before bed and sleep in Saturday morning.

  • LimaBN - Bah.

    Outdated, and should be re-edited to include consequences of your various choices in a more accessible fashion.

  • A. J. McCombs - Simple, easy, & it works! My dog used to chew everything!

    This shirt saved my house! My dog had several issues: separation anxiety, fear of thunder, and panic over any kind of weather change. The worst was the separation anxiety, as this caused him to CHEW UP EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. I lost a webcam, countless shoes, hats, innumerable pens, tupperware, a pillow, a laser level, an electronic stud-finder, and many more things I can't even remember. When he was troubled by my leaving the house, he would take to chewing things in order to calm himself down, and I, in turn, would walk home to an eaten house full of little pieces of my life. BAD NEWS.

  • Kristimichele - Informative Book!

    This book is really awesome and informative, it has all kinds of information in easy to read text. Not to small not too big letters! I don't like books that I can barely read because the letters are so small. This book has the perfect size, it will definitely help with the exam, and I would highly recommend this to others to read!