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  • Amazon Customer - Great and awesome new read by Bella Forrest

    This book was a new type and step away from "The Shade". I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait til the next book arrives in November. It'll be interesting to see what Transpires with Violet. This book has a little of everything for everyone. If you're an MMA fan, you'll get a kick out of part of of the story and the story as a whole. The mystery, intrigue and romance are all there as well. Wasn't sure what to expect after pretty much binge reading all of the Shade books but was well pleased. Thanks Bella!

  • J DeClue, Sr. - Good idea, good writing BUT, NOT for impressionable minds and ultimately this series is a disturbing train wreck.

    I have read thousands of books and this series has left me more disturbed after finishing this third book than almost any other book I have ever read. I will try to explain but it is very hard to do in a review. Possible spoilers. I have never written a read like this either.

  • Tina - Really good dialogue, okay plot

    The writer must be complimented, he did a spot on job with the dialogue. I also love the art, it may look a little cartoony but it really captures the emotion of the characters better than many of the other art styles I used in Ghostbusters comics. The plot revolved around Gozer again, so those looking for something completely new may be disappointed. That said, it did new things with the story and I wasn't disappointed. It counts both movies and the video game as canon, and has many cute nods to the Real Ghostbusters and other movies in the original actors careers.

  • Virginia Forgione Rohrborn - Don't waste your money

    Don't waste your money! It's cheap because it won't help you. Spend the extra money to buy course specific study guides.

  • ChrisF - It simply works, because it's simple. (Formula Revealed Below)

    Sea Foam works, and it works well is the jist of my review. I tried this on my five year old Ariens 926LE snowblower with 9.25hp Tecumseh that was getting the oh so common idle surges, not wanting to idle right, and popping at full throttle. We all know what that means. The carb jets, bowl is starting to plug up with varnish and gunk. Now at this stage you either find a way to fix it yourself or drop it off at the small engine shop for a $99 cleaning/rebuild.