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  • Danny Drummond - all things I wanted to know and more

    I have made standard spreadsheets for years but always wanted to learn formulas. This teaches that and much more. Well worth the money.

  • 5 star janitorial inc - good product better price than dealer.

    Good product just like the original I had a bit of problem getting it to work but call costumer service and they walk me through it. Fraction on the dealers price.

  • Ericaoncape - Great for non-traditional use!

    I have only tried two of the several scents/versions of this product, the coconut milk and the argan oil. To me they were very similar in texture and what they did for my hair, which was basically nothing, except for making it smell fantastic (and the scent did last until the next wash). This is why I did not give a five star review. HOWEVER, I do still love this conditioner for other reasons! And here they are:

  • Cow Town Girl - Get smart. Stop eating crap and fix your life. Sugar will kill you.

    Gut health makes sense. Donna Gates is very experienced in this topic and deserves respect for her wisdom in taking good care of your gut. There is plenty of science substantiating that keeping the good and bad bacteria in your system balanced that determine overall good or bad health. If you aren't up on the idea that the gut has it's own brain and that the micro organisms living in and around you may be running your show, read up.

  • c benjamin dunkley - but there is nothing out there like it. If you need to use your hands ...

    Not to say this item isn't without quirks and couldn't be improved, but there is nothing out there like it. If you need to use your hands and are completely non-weight bearing, it is great. I had a ruptured achilles tendon repair. No weight one month (no walking boot, just nothing). A scooter is easier, but same problem, you cant carry anything. Crutches, what a joke, try carrying a drink with crutches.

  • Rima Fata - Normally a 4E but 2E is fine

    These shoes look great. Love the gum bottom and the black white contrast. I normally wear a 9.5 4E, which they don't make in this shoe, but I ordered these in a 9.5 2E and the width is just fine. I haven't put them to the test yet but they seem very comfortable and durable.

  • michelle - great product to jump start your weight loss journey

    Its a good tool to jump start your weight loss. After the 14 day fast, i will move on as the product is expensive & i prefer small meals throughout the day. I lost 10lbs the 1st three days.however I have 65lbs to go so the more you weigh the faster it'll come off. I was hungry after about 2 hrs of drinking the shake. I had headaches too. It wasnt real unbareable bcuz i am determined to lose weight again! The first week I made mine with almond milk, tsp unsweeten cocoa, 2 tsp olive oil & 8 tbsp of Almased. Next week I Will try water only as they say best results with water.