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  • Jane Lebak - It worked, kind of.

    It worked. We bought this to help calm down a nearly-feral cat we were trying to socialize. He didn't seem to care, but the dominant cat, who had been aggressing toward him, calmed down very much. The dominant cat is the kind of cat who wants to be in your lap 24 hours a day, purrs because you glanced in his general direction, and wakes you up at 3AM because you haven't petted him for hours. And we noticed him getting MORE affectionate when we plugged in this thing. Right. Whenever the refills ran out, he'd go back to his regular glutton-for-affection self and growl at the feral cat, so we'd swap refills and he'd go back to being super-cuddly.

  • Emily - Fine for the everyday cook, but there's certainly better out there.

    Pretty good pan. Could be better, could be worse. I've only had a few issues with warping but nothing I haven't seen in pans double the price of this. I like them for my everyday use and they've never given me a problem. However, the adhesive holding the label on didn't come off after being soaked in Goo Gone! Yeesh, overzealous much, Norpro? I really don't want glue cooked into my food. make it easier to get off! Overall though, these are ok pans for the everyday cook. Overall, I was satisfied with these.

  • Joe Fox - Vintage Brockmann!

    Ready to Roll is Suzanne Brockmann at her best. I have yet to ready one of her books where I didn't immediately connect with the characters and want to know them. I fell in love with Boat Squad John - and hope to see more of them - and loved getting to connect with Team 16.

  • RamyaSuneel - nioxin cleanser 1

    used it few times. its good for now. i have lots of hair loss. so trying this based on oher reviews. i vil update the review after couple of months. ** product was well packed , came safely. no breakage or leakage**

  • jeffery l jackson - I love this product

    I love this product, but I don't think the squirrels do because they have been avoiding my yard like its a plague. I've only caught two squirrels but I'm not giving up. :-) The war against squirrels is on..

  • Nick - Seems to be working just fine with no issues

    Used on my 05 yamaha road star midnight star edition in the transfer case. Seems to be working just fine with no issues.

  • DTK48 - dull, white haze

    If what your trying to water-proof needs a clear finish, this is not the product. I found that after the first coat dried, a second coat using the second spray left a dull, white haze on my finished product.