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Clinical Trials site in Cincinnati OH & Kentucky | Otrimed Clinical Research Center - Otrimed is a clinical research site in Cincinnati, OH & Kentucky whose goal is to identify and conduct quality, innovative and safe clinical research studies.

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  • Jack Cocopelli - This stuff works great for keeping the mice out off the RV when ...

    This stuff works great for keeping the mice out of the RV when in storage. I also like the smell of the ingrediants which are all natural. Use in your enclosed vehicle or RV interior and I even put a pouch near the interior power cord entry to stop mice from entering at the cord. I think putting a pouch on top of the engine of a parked vehicle will keep mice from that area also. The unwrapped pouches usually last a few months and then should be disposed of and replaced as needed.

  • Lisal - Doesn't work

    My mirror and a picture fell off the wall both breaking and they were not over the weight limit don't buy

  • Mandisa - Great

    I'm not a beginner kickboxer. I used to do one hour intense sessions, but I needed a beginner video to get my body used to it again. What I love about this video is that it was elementary but not too easy. I worked up a sweat. I often shy away from beginner videos because they have a tendency to be too slow and a little matronizing. This was just right. My only issue is that I didn't care too much for the music, but I know other music choices might be copy written, so they often have to go with generic music.

  • Happy Buyer - It even gives very good voice directions when GPS is enabled

    Works perfectly with Garmin remote GPS when paired on bluetooth. Performs GPS tracking on maps when NO internet or cell phone tower is available. It even gives very good voice directions when GPS is enabled. Some newer streets and housing developments are missing from all map providers but you can draw and add these into this program if needed. I've used all of them and IMO this is the best mapping program available when the internet is out of range when traveling and for planning a trip.

  • Colleen Norton - Not good

    The Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee turned out to not do well for me. It seems to upset my stomach.

  • Kirti - Writing with style.

    It is an interesting book on writing. I have not read most of it as yet. From cursory viewing, it seems like a good and useful work.