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  • Mcomeau - Works great for me and my customers.

    Kaspersky is been a great Internet security program, and has saved me, and my customers time and money. I used to be a huge Norton AntiVirus fan, and then I went to McAfee, but Kaspersky now takes the cake. It's a light running program considering what it does, and thus far, I have never had a problem with viruses. I was even able to save a business computer, with five years of records, with this program. Very grateful thank you

  • Adela Davila-Estelritz - A curl relaxer beyond compare!

    Never before or after have I used a curl relaxer that was so natural and left my hair in such excellent condition. I have thin, frizzy hair and this left it so sleek and shiny! Never had the need to use any styling tool other than a hair blwer. To bad the manufacturer went out of business. (At least, that's what I was told).

  • Glockster - its a grest guide for beginners and just to trim straight

    my son just started to shave and grow his facial hair (beard) its a grest guide for beginners and just to trim straight

  • Previous Subscriber - I've had 2 of these over the last 5 years. It helps, but not a miracle cure.

    I suffer from chronic low back pain. I have a seemingly perpetually herniated disc. In 2004, after a few back sprain/strains I was told two lowest discs (I believe L4 & L5) were about 9 mm, meanwhile the discs in my middle and upper back were 17 mm. I was also told I had early signs of arthritis, pelvic tilt, spinal curvature, and a hip floater. In 2008 I was told that I had a herniated disc. Chiropractors, pain pills, memory foam mattress pad, stretching exercises, etc. Nothing seemed to provide me relief.

  • Kabir Jerath - This is an excellent product formulated for liver health

    This is an excellent product formulated for liver health. To monitor liver health you require to take your blood test in a gap most suitable for you and monitor results. you can be best directed this way.