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    I did a lot of research and Bitdefender looked like a great product. All the independent testing companies ranked it higher than Norton Antivirus which is what I used to use. So I bought and installed it which was very easy. It was easy to download and easy to use, however, THAT SAME DAY I got a virus on my computer! It shut down my computer so that I couldn't even turn it on. I sent 2 emails to Bitdefender customer support and they kept telling me to turn on my computer in safemode, but I explained to them I couldn't even turn it on! So I took my computer to a repair shop and the owner told me that Bitdefender is horrible. I requested a refund from bitdefender, but never heard back. I re-requested a refund and got an email saying that I should use their customer support to fix my computer. I told them that I couldn't turn it on and already took it to a shop and that I wanted my refund. A few weeks later I got an email saying I would receive my refund in 5-7 business days. It has now been 15 business days and I have not received my refund. I then tried to connect to their customer support online and it said noone was available. Next, I call the phone number (which is not an 800 number), and I was on hold 28 minutes before I hung up. HORRIBLE PRODUCT, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I'M SO MAD.

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    I ordered this before a trip to Las Vegas last month and was pleased with the information and coupons inside. Many helpful tips and coupons for Vegas. The Ellis Island Brewery Coupons that we used paid for the book alone. I had no problem using the coupons - just tore out the ones I needed for the day and took those instead of carrying the whole book. I also took along the card that said you may have to show it to use a coupon, but I was never asked.

  • Tulsa Twinmom - Works well

    We've only used it with a small bottle of room-temperature soda so far, but it worked like a charm. We used the spin cycle, and true to it's word, the soda was not too fizzy when we opened it, and it was cold. I was hoping to leave it plugged in all the time on our bar, but there's a light that stays lit when it is plugged in, so I'm afraid that will burn out if we leave it plugged in all the time. Fill lines are hard to read as they are white against white, but once you locate them it's ok.

  • Mariam Ben-Neticha - Kaplan can improve

    Good for information....bad for figuring out how to go about studying for the MCAT. No help structuring and no methods to help absorb all the information.

  • Kyle - Love

    I love Heart. Powerful voice and lyrics, strong emotion. Rocking out in the car to this is so much fun.

  • mkr2015 - Returned, see reveiw, CS is AWESOME

    I believe the belt works, meaning it is doing something. Contracts your muscles as if you are doing sit ups. I am not over weight but am at the edge of being over weight based on the BMI scale. I did not push in on my stomach prior to use but I did feel that MAYBE I was firming up. However, as I have read on other reviews if you have ANY body fat I am not sure you would notice any muscle firmness. So I did end of returning the belt after an extended use. I was disappointed I did not see results I had hoped for. HOWEVER, I have to say the Customer Service at the Flex Belt is incredible. I wish they could train other companies. The CS was nice, polite, professional and offered me options to see if I would end up liking the belt. However, when I did decide finally to return it I was authorized to return it no questions. I can't say enough about the CS and that is what I do for a living. If you are considering trying this belt I would say try it. The site says you will not lose weight or fat and I agree but they do tell you this up front. If you have VERY LITTLE to no body fat I could see you seeing some visual results. Do not have much of a stomach but what is there is "flabby". Muscle MAY have firmed up under the layer of flab but there was no change to the flab layer and I feel they do address this in their site and reviews.

  • T. Bradford - I like that they add what new on the top 40 ...

    Purchased as a gift for my niece. She loves it and even has a microphone for it. I like that they add what new on the top 40 list but also go back in time to older songs like "Let's Groove" by Earth Wind and Fire. That song is now my 12 year daughters favorite song to dance to on the game.