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Home - PCEA HOSPITAL provides general health care in medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology as well as outpatient services.The hospital has a Nursing School which is training Kenya Registered Community Health Nurses. Other units are the Guest House and a Cafeteria.

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • CJWidmayer - Stylish, Functional, Spacious, Durable

    After thinking long and hard about whether this bag would be right for me, I ended up buying the Classic Messenger in Night Blue/Village Violet/Night Blue, size Small. I actually originally got a size Medium in another color, but this color combination and size was better suited to me and my needs.

  • Penguin Shopper - I'm beautiful, amazing

    Same story as everyone else, "Let me give you one for your eyes, too" thinking it's another sample, I go in, with my husband, and our GIANT double stroller with two toddlers in it. The toddlers were just outdoing themselves in this store, but this guy just never came up for breath. Apparently, two year olds viciously fighting to death over a cheerio doesn't compel him to even speed up.

  • buyer2012 - Good Software Great Price

    If you don't mind buying last years software, this is a great value. I installed it with no problems and am now running my business with it. Now if it was a little easier to use. Good Job!

  • Cat's Meow - Winter's not coming for a while, but this brooch is here!

    I love this! Yes, it is on a smaller scale than the brooch used in the show but it is still well made and feels sturdy. It is a great conversation starter, especially if you run into another Game of Thrones fan. It is solid, the coloring is a burnished gold and it has a good amount of detail. Even up close I was not disappointed with the attention that was paid to it. It is reasonably priced and it doesn't look or feel like it is going to fall apart at a moment's notice.

  • Bhavani Rao - Love this product

    Brought it in Ojai and love it!! It really works - it's mild and it takes time to see it work but keep at it. Mind you - I am also insane about skin care and do herb and what not but I recommend this product highly!

  • somewhere in time - Recommend this to friends? I don't think so

    I thought this would be the coolest device (being a Mac addict). But the readings are all over the place. I took it to my Doctor's office to check it against what they had, and it gave an abnormally high reading. There is a great lack of consistency in the results, sometimes low, sometimes high - and if it can't get a reading, it just keeps inflating until you have to stop it because you think your arm is going to explode (which results in even more bizarre numbers). I'm only giving it one star because it has a clever design and Apple-like packaging. Very disappointed, and probably too late to return it at this point :(