Pepcid : Website stats and valuation - No one likes heartburn. PEPCID® COMPLETE combines an antacid and an acid reducer in one tablet to help relieve heartburn symptoms.

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  • Tonya - Works Wonders

    I used this after suffering from chronic infections. I would take antibiotics for a bacterial infection but would eventually have another infection. It felt like a never ending circle between fungal and bacterial infections. This helped tremendously. It also is a great great remedy for a sore and inflamed throat. I've had tonsillitis 3x this year. I developed inflammation again recently and opted to try this. NSAIDs did not help a lot. I took this and within an hour my throat was no longer swollen. I spent 3 days before taking this having difficulty swallowing. It was stunning how much it helped and I didn't want anymore antibiotics, s now I do not have to.. I would recommend this for things such as the common cold, URI, and all things -itis as it helps with inflammation. It also helps enhance the effects of other herbal remedies. (E.g. Combined with echinacea) choose goldenseal ROOT over other products that may be made from the leaf.

  • A. Emery - Great bag, very durable

    I bought the Small Classic Messenger a couple of weeks ago. I'm constantly told how "tiny" I am, standing at 5'3" on a tall day, and the small is huge on me. I thought about getting the medium initially, but it would have been entirely too large of a bag on its own. The bag is extremely well made and durable. The pictures make the bag out to be a lot darker than it is in person. The Empire Red/Graphite bag and its more of a burgundy and almost forest green/gray colored.

  • Jonea Price - Very helpful and easy to read

    I did not know where to begin when I decided to start my own law practice. This book really taught me how to narrow my focus on the most important aspects of running a solo practice. I'm sure that I'll be referring to it for years to come!

  • xj85212 - It works!

    I am not employed or a distributor for this product,so with that being said, it works amazingly well. Almost to well. This product was given to me by a friend who also uses it and the results have been amazing. It doesnt give you the jittery feeling that diet pills normally do. The pounds keep coming off. I love this product.

  • Sarah - Doesnt work at all

    Very expesive and I didnt gain not one lb.... waste of money i took exactly how it was instructed every day and gained nothing